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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 49: 1780-1799, For the Pretty borders faction!!!!

We are richer than we have ever been before, the new lands and the increase in technology seems to have made all the difference – before, we were struggling along with keeping a large army in the field, now we have huge amounts of money coming in a month.

The over extension problems go away. I order the expansion of the fleet.

Aragon is at war. We use this as an opportunity to hit them.

The expanded fleet moves in to blockade their ports.

We have heard tales of a great snake living in Australia, many of our people, still less enlightened than the ruling elite, rush there to try and find and worship it. Mainly they find death.

We take and hold the south, and just wait – invading Aragon would be costly, so we can afford to hang around. We build up our nation with our huge amount of income, and sign another allaince with the Golden Horde.

The people react well to the war and our continued expansion.

We lose an heir, a attractive maid helps us find a new one.

Aragon gives up the land that is ours.

We spend some time putting down a few rebellions of Aragon patriots, while improving our technology.

Zakoi decides that it is time to begin aggressively spreading the word of the Snake in the well. To long have we just let our people get on with their lives, a huge section of Ghana is now heratics!

The last colony in Africa is now self sufficient – at least until we can better survive in the hard interior.

This is quickly followed by the Australian colony. The rest of this continent is inhospitable or controlled by Aragon.

The people are unhappy that Norway holds land that should be by rights Ghanan.

They ask, why have we not gone to war with them to reclaim this land? Well, they are allied to Portugal, and Portugal.

Portugal is rich, although not as rich as the powerhouse that is Denmark.

They can call on nearly a quarter of a million men. (Denmark near half a million!) We cannot face this. Norway has made themselves untouchable.
For now.

We deal with our over extension problem.

Also, I lied about the last colony, our scouts say that Ujiji can also be colonised, so we send men in.

The Ghanan people may not be the most open-minded in the world, but they feel safe.

We continue to improve our technology.

With the help of the Golden Horde we attack the Abbasids once more.

We smash their first army, and move up more of our forces.

Kiev of all places join the Abbasids, this pulls off horde troops.

A second Abbasid army is sent packing.

The battles get bigger and bigger, but we continue to win them. The Battle of Cairo may have cost us twenty five thousand men, but the enemy lost near fifty thousand.

The Horde is slowly expanding into the Abbasid East.

Once more we have a problem with our war goals. This is what I control.

This is what I can take, So I take it and make them realse some smaller nations – anything to bleed off power.

Ghana expands once more.

Byzantium restores the Pentarchy. We have no idea what this means or whether or not its important. Is is some sort of sex act?

Sometimes, life can be very confusing – like a gold rush in the worlds greatest gold producer, and the Abbasids deciding we are not a threat.

The century comes to an end, but not before another major surprise. Although they have been in a royal Union with Italy for some time, no-one could have expected Byzantium to reclaim Rome overnight.

This means they can once more call themselves Romans proper, and moves them up to number two in the worlds super powers.

A look at Asia shows the extent of Portugal’s power. They now own parts of India and Thailand, as well as Siberia.

Although the occupation of Terra de Vera Cruz by rebels shows it is not going all their way.

North America is dominated by Norway.

The south Pacific is split between Aragon and Portugal.

Africa, and Ghana, continue to thrive.