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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 51: 1820-1835, Industrialization and expansion.

We may be winning the war, for all we can participate, but this does not bring stability.

Our enemies may still have large armies left, but our allies do a good job of avoiding them. If only we were not bottled up in our own continent!

The war drags on, and we continue to watch events, inside Ghana, people prosper. We have a lot of land, and this war is not costing us any lives apart from the occasional occupation solider.

Not that the fact we have 200,000 fresh soldiers sitting here waiting to join the war has not effect on the enemy.

We also continue to discover new technologies.

Between the Horde and the Abbasids, the Romans now have retreated to defend Constantinople, their capital.

The war drags on so long that the truce with Abyssinia runs out, with troops waiting on their border, we attack again, just to give them something to do.

Soon after, the Roman war ends, and we gain Alexandria.

The Abyssinia goes well.

We take a huge amount of land, and settle down to digest it.

We expand the fleet, and commission a grand new ship to lead it.

We rapidly add the new provinces to the Empire.

With no chance of expansion in the north, but our people baying to make us great, our eyes fall on Funj, a protectorate of Abyssinia which is now much larger than its masters – but only have a military tech level of 14!

Our infantry know they are good, especially against savages such as these.

We blast through Funj, but it seems that living in a golden age makes people lazy.

We all but destroy Abyssinia. All they have left is a small island off the coast. This is what we can do when attacking enemies who are not part of a massive alliance.

We set about adding these new lands to the Empire Proper.

Our merchants flourish – with all the diplomatic techs ours now, we can spend on advances more freely. And some people think we Africans are technologically backwards!

We send him to the Congo to collect, our income from trade goes from 125 a month to 142 a month.

Then the Romans embargo our trade. The bastards.

We do the same to them, if it hurts us, its got to hurt them!

We finish the trade ideas and gain another merchant.

Our Empress dies, and her son is not the greatest ruler. I also have to spend a lot of my administrative points buying off the stability hit.

The truce with the remains of Abyssinia lapses, but we cannot move against them, as they are allied with the Abbasids, who are now allied with Denmark.
Denmark herself is at war with the Portuguese block, but has decided not to call on the help of the mighty Ghanan Empire. The diplomatic situation gets stranger with each passing year.

This war ends and a peace settles over the world. Things are changing, people are looking forward more and more, and the industrial revolution is taking hold. Industry is the new watch word.

We have one of the greatest years in respects to graduates, these men are sent to the administration, and a change comes across the country. The old ways of tallying things are no longer appropriate, we must form a new system, a new Ghana.

This is a strong Empire. It is now 969 years since Dongu Ogoonu took the throne of the tiny Ghana. Now look at her.

In land, she is the largest in the world, and she is strong in many other ways. Let us see what the next century brings.