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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 54: 1845-1849 - Democracy comes to Ghana.

Liberal Secret Societies are springing up, the Government tries to ban them, but with little real success.

The war in Europe comes to an end with no real conclusion – all that death for no reason. Ghana is appalled and looks to its own borders – i.e, justifying a war with Norway!

This is followed by the completion of our first railroads.

We improve our guns, but Norway learns of our preparations for war.

The people are convinced that Norway's presence on the continent cannot be abided.

Soon the Liberals will be in control.

They push to allow the Herald to be allowed to circulate publicly – with censorship of course!

Railway maina has taken grip in the country – with some government funding to speed up the various projects of course.

The government then spends a huge amount of their reserves on a railway running through the heartlands of the nation.

Norway, Allied only with Ireland and Gascongine, will soon be forced to give us some of their lands. We are sure Scandinavia will join us in this war and keep the continent tied up. Any troops bringing the battle to use will have to come in by sea, limiting their numbers.

Our men march and occupy the lands. Norway begins to mobilize their reserves – although none of her allies come to help her.

Somehow, it takes the News of the World, distracted by the latest scandal in the Royal Court (Eight in a bed – a new Ogoonu record!, two months to report we are at war. Brazil has had a revolution, putting their conservatives in power. The Grognards wish for this day.

Apparently the plight of the Romanians is still a hotpoint for the Europeans. What the problem is most in Ghana don't know. Europe is such a small place, and they really seem to think a lot of themselves.

On this island of Mayotte, between the mainland and Madagascar, the Norwegians land a regiment of Cavalry. We respond with local troops, but General Dhal of the Norwegians hits the landing force with his mobile forces.

A new fleet of clippers is ordered, meanwhile our army becomes more professional.

The forces are built at high speed, and we begin field training our men.

The Madagascan troops are landed, and battle begins.

Although, it should be said that nepotism is not always a good thing. Although, overall our tactics are 25% better.

Thankfully, four to one odds counts for a lot as well.

The Well-wishers have their majority now, they use the Battle of Mayotte as a launching platform for their latest reform.

For the first time in its thousand year history, Ghana will have a vote. Only the rich can vote at this point, but it is seen as a start. The Emperor is still the head of the state, as the Snake in the well would have wanted, but he is only one man amongst 59 million, and he must be guided properly.

A new east coast line opens.

One of the new politicians is caught having an affair, the world may change, but some things stay the same!

We are now apparently a "Prussian Constitution" – The Prussians are part of Scandinavia apparently.

Of more importance is the date set for the first elections!

The people of the Cape colonies wonder about who should be considered citizens of Ghana – they are told that with all the different nationalities and tribes, Everyone must be considered a citizen or none.

Norway finally agnowlages the war is lost, and gives us most of the lands she has in Africa – we shall take the last of them at a later date.

For now, we should concentrate on our election, and the glory of taking this land will do much to help people celebrate.

In the Nile, people still have not completely embraced the snake, and the MP's up for election there are forced to take a moderate stance.

News from Europe shows that Yugoslavia has been forced to release the country of Romania.

An election is held, and, by aligning themselves with the Reactionaries, the Grognards are able to hold on to power. For a few more years at least. This is mainly as more of the rich people, the only ones who can vote, are Grognards.

We follow this by improving our military planning. Although, with war now unlikely, we switch to promoting our culture.

We then expand our lands in Australia.

Our population hits 60 million – a rise of about eight million in twelve years! Ogoonu's still make up 1.7% of the population – about 250,000 of them. The seed of Dongu is still strong – and this is not counting the bastards and the others who have his genes.