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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 57: 1860-1864 - Revolution and counter-revolution.

We continue to build the army and the navy, and besiege Aragon. The navy gets a boost when we introduce steam powered ships.

Aragon's main army is off in Australia conquering our barely populated colonies.

It does not help them, as we take their capital and humiliate them in front of the world. I would take their colonies from them, but I do not want to increase our infamy to much.

Here is what our population looks like, there are 15,000 Capitalists now.

Karl Marx publishes his treaty on Socialism. This i a powerful idea, and we can see how many Ghanans will be taken in by the idea of sharing everything. They found the

This seems to spark something however, as a massive Anarco-liberal rebellion starts!

They do not form into large armies however, and we are able to begin to hunt them down one at a time.

Then a second wave of rebels rise up and things begin to look a little dodgy for the government.

Some of the new formations are absolutely massive.

This is a popular uprising from seemingly nowhere. The government had no idea this many people were unhappy with them, but now there is little they can do but try and hold their troops together and wait for their replacements to show up.

The people of Ghana throw off the shackles of democracy and return to a single party system.

The new Bourgeois Dictator must content with the fact that there are several other rebel movements trying to oust him already. He is an Ogoonu of course, and assumes the mantle of Emperor, but he is not of the main bloodline.

We finish research into Breech-loading rifles, and begin improving our factories.

We also learn that all of Ghana has railroad access

The rifles quickly go into mass production.

We also learn that Lancaster has lost control of some land, which is now calling itself the Kingdom of Navada-Utah.

The Jacobites rise up again, but not in massive numbers. We also have many more troops on hand at this point.

While we are mopping up these people, we notice that Portugal is being overrun by Gascogne.

I must have missed a crisis somewhere, as Yugoslavia has been forced to break off another chunk from its Empire.

Meanwhile, we begin to organize the factories.

The liberals manage to sweet talk their way back into the upper house. For now, at least. They are removed in the next shake up.

Little happens for a year, then we are finally promoted back to the status of a great power.

Sixth in the the world may be a long way from our height, but we are still a force to be recognized with!

Out of the blue, many people discover they have a social conscious!

Arabia has been harassing our merchants, but they are still allied to Scandinavia, so there is little we can do.

People learn more about themselves every day.

They learn about Social Justice, and the Jacobites rise up again!

They have their act together this time, and begin to advance.

The army goes into action and smashes their two larger forces.

We will win, but it will take more time than I have here.