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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 58: 1865-1869 - The return of Democracy and colonial expansions.

We continue to mop up the rebels.

More men rise up however.

The Dictatorship completes its research into State and Government.

They also come up with a new way of thinking – a mission to civilize the barbaric tribes of the interior. Africans they may be, but they are not yet Ghanans!

Another wave of Rebellions means that the Army is now outnumbered in some areas, and the Reelik Grense's days are now numbered.

Meanwhile, we grab the last of Australia before anyone else can.

We also pay for someone to find the source of the Nile.

The people become more positive towards our colonial efforts.

Dongola becomes part of the Empire proper, no longer being considered a colony.

We now have most of Australia, only a war with Aragon will get us the rest.

The Jacobins win their revolution, and the Democracy is restored. This time, Ghana is considered a true democracy, with no puppet Emperor on the throne.

The Capitalists try and perform a lockout, but the new government is still in the full blush of youth and stops them.

The railroads across the country begin to improve.

The Election completes. The Well-Wishers win, but there are several other partys represented – including those still loyal to the Reelik Grense and the new socialist Snake Sharer party.

We then add Southern Angola to our colonies.

This is followed by Market structure advances.

A year passes without anything of note, but the march of progress continues.

The Nile Expedition has not succeeded, but we send out another. We have the money.

We claim the Egyptian desert, trying to prevent anyone expanding into our Africa.

We then grant the Transvaal statehood.

We begin to justify attacking Aragon to take their Australians colonies. We begin to expand our armies and ship 18,000 men to Australia.

Why not Norway? Well, they are a great power now, apparently.

The people agree. It seems that Ghanans never get tired of war.

We get ready by improving our reinforcement speed and training.

Tripoli is the next bit of land we expand into.

Far to late in the day, Aragon realize what we are doing. We also institute a minimum wage to keep the lower classes happy – 14% of them wanted this.

We can now claim their lands.

Ghana now has 65 million people in it, with a wide range of thoughts and ideals.

Ghana is expanding into the interior now, but we need another invention to unlock the rest of the country. War with Norway, and her Portuguese allies, will be a certainty in the near future.

For now, Ghana continues to be Ghana.