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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 60: 1875-1879 - Colonial expansion.

We create two more states, the speed of colonization is increasing.

We increase the accuracy of our ships.

We follow this with an alliance with Rome, crippled though she may be.

The decision to release Australia is made. It is tying up a large part of our colonial power and no Ogoonu or lesser race of Ghanan wishes to move there.

They are our first dominion since Andalusia, may they fair better!

Another rebellion begins. Ho hum.

At least the constant fighting is teaching us things!

We are just removing the last few rebel held provinces now, its been a long and boring year playing whack-a-rebel. We form a new colony and are exploring another. Then an election begins.

As they campaign continues, we fill in another gap and try and make the pretty borders faction happy.

Little of interest happens for another year, barring the same old political back and forths. We do improve our research again however.

The election is held, and our countries fragmented politics leads to a hung parliament followed by a collation.

We create two more colonies and another state.

We follow this rapid expansion with Functionalism, which will speed the rate people move to the colonies some more.

We then hear that Scandinavia has a Communist party.

We ourselves introduce a school system and give statehood to a new colony. Also note the Norwegian army holding its colony.

This does not stop our own Communist party forming.

We also build a Natural History museum to better show the people the diversity of our great nation.

Our factories improve as well. Change is moving fast in Ghana it seems.

We create two more colonies. Halting our efforts in Australia have really sped the rate of expansion on our home continent.

This takes our population over seventy million.

We grab a cheap naval technology.

Two more colonies soon follow.

We see mechanization of the mining trade take place.

We begin to move our army for a war with Norway. They have a Portugal as an ally, but we have Lancaster. Together they outnumber us, but we can hold them off at the Gibraltar straits choke-point. We will have to mobilize our poor, but that is a price worth playing for a unified Africa.

We finish colonizing around Lake Victoria. Named after one of the past Emperor's European Mistress.

We boost our research once more – this may be a risky move, but we need to get a advantage. The next goal is to get a few more military techs – including machine guns – under our belt before we engage in a major war.

We are clawing our way back up the list of great powers.

Finally, our population hits 75 million – adding all the tribes of central Africa is boosting our population quickly.

Ghana is growing quickly.

Here is a map showing the expansion in the last ten years.