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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 61: 1880-1884 - The Road To War.

We continue the preparation for war by expanding the army to its current maximum and beginning to encourage people to become soldiers in four of our more populous provinces.

Botswana is then accepted as a state. We also order forts to be built along the strait of Gibraltar, so we can hold off the enemy better.

Our artillery is upgraded.

We then begin work on machine guns.

Elections begin, and a good number of our 76 million people seem to have a wish for acceptable schools.

In a shocking display of pandering to the people, the government decides to give them what they want.

We also remind the people that war has made Ghana great, and we still have our crusade to complete.

The collation of Well-wishers and Anarcho-librals survives, but it is loosing ground on the socialist factions.

We add Angola to our colonies and make another massive leap inland.

Machine guns should soon be appearing in our units.

A tiny rebellion starts, ready to be crushed.

Meanwhile, we continue to move inland at a rapid pace.

While waiting for machine guns, we continue to improve our army. Tactical drills are run across Ghana.

We keep the Reelik Grense happy and fill in that gap.

We get the deep defence system breakthrough, and then move men across to Madagascar to prepare to fight the Portuguese forces there.

As for the Norwegian Africa Corps, their days are numbered.

Crossing the straits will be tough for the Portuguese as well.

Especially as our men begin to dig in.

We improve our troops once more, and add Zimbabwe to the nation. The population hits 80 million. We now have 156 brigades in our standing army – nearly half a million men – with another 219 brigades ready for mobilization.

We continue to improve our armies, but the elusive machine guns evade us.

Another state, another colony, Ghana is expanding quicker than at any other point in history – and without mass blood shed either.

Well, not plans of bloodshed against Africans. We have many plans for the Norwegians. With another advance, we can now field 306 brigades of mobilized troops – nearly a million extra men!

Machine guns are finally ours. Soon we shall be able to begin the war.

What better way to start a election season than with a war eh?

Ghana, 81.3 million strong, prepares to show the world its teeth for the first time in decades. Those teeth are sharper now.