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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 62: 1885-1889 - War & Taxes.

The Ghanan secretary of state informs the Norwegian Ambassador that a state of war exists between the two nations. Also, that he is sleeping with his wife.

Lancaster joins us in the war, but Rome refuses. The Roman ambassador is also informed of extramarital affairs. Portugal of course joins Norway.

The Norwegian Africa Corps has been reduced to three thousand men, who are quickly annihilated.

We engage the Portuguese on Madagascar as well.

We win the first battles, but lose one of the follow up ones. We move more troops across, and Norway begins to Mobilise its people. We hold off for now, as they will have trouble moving people across the Atlantic, so we should be able to fight this war with the troops we have.

The war goes well, as we take the Namaqualand with minimal losses.

Although, part of the NAC gets behind out lines.

We destroy the Portuguese forces on Madagascar.

Quickly followed by the NAC.

The election finishes, and we can now build Monitor ships, all we need now is a good enough naval base! We begin to build one.

The Lancastrian and Portuguese navies clash, with our Allies coming out on top.

The war does not slow the colonization process.

We take back most of our land, but we cannot get the last bits. We will have to wait a few more years for this. We now know that the two sides are mostly toothless however.

Monitors are outdated by Ironclads. Just as well we never tried to build one!

Meanwhile another gold rush begins.

Lancaster begin to push Ireland for the release of Scotland, we support them, as they have supported us.

We just humiliated a great power, Ireland know not to stand against us, and the Scots are given their own nation to rule.

We continue to expand inland. This is not colonization as the Europeans think of it, this is marching into a village, showing the elders that we have a gun that fires over a hundred times a minute, and then telling them they are part of Ghana. Then we send in the taxmen. We improve our research once more.

We put more money into schools, now people can be guaranteed a proper education.

We begin to justify war with Arabia, but they cotton on to this fact quickly. Thankfully, we have minimal infamy in the world, and this takes us to a total of 11.

We focus our scientists on improving the economy, while continuing to expand the colonies of course.

The next bit of land is a massive one. Equater brings us one step closer to controlling all of Sub-Saharan Africa.

We also continue massive technological breakthroughs.

The rapid expansion continues, and Ghana's population breaks 85 million.

Italy, still overrun by rebels after nearly fifteen years, tries to break from Rome, with Scandinavian support.

How they have not done so already is beyond us.

We concentrate on taxing our people more efficiently, ironically, this means that we tax them less on paper, but take the same amount of money from them.

After the disastrous turn of events earlier in the century, the people of Ghana are once again used to seeing themselves as a major player in the world.

The government begins to regulate businesses.

This is followed by the creation of a Casus belli on Arabia.

We improve our rail-roads, so we can ship more men to the front. When there is a front.

We begin another election cycle.

We make Zanzibar a state, and continue to officially add land to our tax system.

We improve our supply chain as well.

We prompt our people to get ready for war.

The Well-wishers hold on to the government, but they are loosing ground – the socialists are gaining on them, and may soon take power.

Now, what do we do about Arabia? They are allied with Kiev and France, but that is all.

Europe has shattered a little, but most borders remain the same. France's expansion is the only real noticeable change.

North America has not changed at all.

The same is true of South America.

Lets be realistic here, this is all you care about.