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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 63: 1890-1894 - The Great War.

Ghana apparently discover the concept of a “Great War”.

Ourselves, we prefer to concentrate on physiology.

We also fill in the last of the holes in sub-Saharan Africa.

We then improve our factories.

For some reason, we are not allowed to go to war with Arabia yet, so I have to justify the war again, and get caught, again. Once this is done, we shall have to wait some time for our infamy to drop.

We continue to increase our army, and blast through technological advances.

We begin claiming the empty wastes of the Sahara. During this time numerous rail roads are constructed.

This is a quiet time for Ghana, the revolutions have all but stopped, and now consist of a few thousand men quickly smashed beneath the might of the army. We mass to attack Arabia at some point, and continue to expand our technology and army. Finally, the population hits 90 million.

There is another attempt to break up Yugoslavia. No one wants to stand against Scandinavia, so nothing comes of it.

Another technological advance.

We also learn that Arabia have formed an alliance with our other great enemy – Portugal! This leads to a massive combined military score.

Although when pure manpower is brought into the equation, things look better for us.

We complete our war justification, and grab a large part of the Sahara.

We complete research into Biology that will help out education and migration.

It it then decided that we need to take the war to Arabia.

This becomes the worlds first Great War.

The opening battle shows how brutal this war will be, thirty five thousand die in a single clash.

Twenty-six thousand die in a similar battle in the south.

Troops from Kiev enter the war and roll back our early advances. We begin to concentrate our forces – we have to have large advantages to attack, as modern technology favours the defender.

Our men are outnumbered but still winning their battles. The breech-loaded artillery should aid them.

We claim more land, and begin to colonize the last of Africa. I am force to remove troops from the Portuguese border – they show no intention of crossing at this time, and I have near ninety thousand men on this quiet front.

We attack a force half our size, but our leader is killed early on and our men are left under the command of a lesser general, who sends wave after wave of brave Ghanans into the machine guns. It is a massacre.

This is a turning point, with one of our main armies destroyed, we are forced to mobilize all 316 brigades of Ghanan civilians!

The moment we move troops from their borders, the Portuguese invade – at least they don't have the numbers to do much damage.

We win battle after battle, only losing the occasional one. Meanwhile, we build up a massive force.

We may lose some ground, but the battles are becoming more one sided.

We expand the war to try and take more of Egypt. We are winning comfortably, but it will be much harder to break the enemy in a great war.

We do have another election, and this time the Conservatives and Reactionaries take power. It is interesting to note now that most of the enemy forces in the field now hail from Kiev, with only small Arabian and Portuguese contingents causing problems.

The mobilized masses go into action, and we begin to push the enemy back!

We march into Portugal to burn their lands.

The war is slowly moving our way – the enemy forces are reducing in size and we are moving on them.

Ghana is now in command of all Africa not currently claimed by another major power.

We are now the second greatest power in the world.