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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 64: 1895-1899 - Containment.

We continue to advance, the Army of Kiev is to small to hold us back now, its all a matter of time. More and more of the reserve army is moving to the front now.

By May, we are mopping up and advancing. We add some more land to our war goal, but any more will have to wait for our infamy to drop.

Just because we are at war, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't engage in scientific pursuits!

We have destroyed the army of Kiev, and are advancing into Arabia.

We are in command of most of southern Portugal as well.

The Arabians find another army and re-invade their lands from the south, we move the meet them.

The manpower reserves of both sides are all but depleted, and our infamy is to high to expand the war, so when Arabia finally offer peace, we take it.

We take upper, middle, and lower Egypt.

We balance the books and then repay the massive loans - £130,000, luckily most of that is underwritten by Ghanan banks.

Really Norway? Really? You pick now to attack us, a Ghana that has just broken three of the largest powers in the world?

Lancaster occupies their last land, and we move troops to support. Now we need to wait for our infamy to drop and our warscore to go up, so we can claim this land.

The next big invention is cracking, which allows fuel to be produced for the new combustion engines.

This starts people looking for oil. Fez soon has a well. It is strange how important the black stuff may become, after centuries of being just another way to heat or light your home.

Cruisers become the next ship that can be constructed. Tunis is constructing a large port to allow us to expand our navy into a larger modern one.

I feel I may have missed a few research items during the war, so here is an update on the current technology levels.

Battleships are soon up in the discovery train.

This is soon followed by centralized money printing.

a quarter of our 95 million people want a low minimum wage, the government gives them one.

A year passes without incident, and we improve our rail-roads once more. The war with Norway continues to see no land action – although Lancaster sink the occasional invasion force off our coast.

Another election starts, and another rebellion begins – this one is over before it even begins.

We apparently adopt the gold standard. Most people assume this is what we've been using for centuries.

As we end up this session, the election closes and the socialist and communists form a coalition government. What changes will they bring to Ghana? Only time will tell.