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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 65: 1900-1904 - Another round of buildup.

With a new century, it is time to look at how little the world has changed.

The only change in North America is Norway advancing into Lancaster's colonies there.

South America has changed not one jot.

The only real border change is that Uzbekistan lost a fair chunk of land to Portugal and Arabia in the last war.

Someone wanted a list of the governments, so here it is.

The first thing of note is the opening of the first of a new breed of modern shopkeeper.

We also continue to prepare to have a navy.

The Arabs seem to be having problems with a communist uprising, these units are all members of the red guards.

The Norwegians expand the war to include their lands in Lancaster. This is a problem and we are forced to begin to build transports to try and get ourselves into the war proper.

News has also arrived that they have invaded Australia! Orders are drawn up for as many steam transports as we can get into the water.

They ask for peace, we inform them we have not yet begun to fight. Soon after, they accept a white peace.

With the war over, we can get rid of some of this infamy, we also start to convert colonies into states.

We also begin to produce rubber in a number of states.

The Snakes for all and Snake Sharers collation’s planned economy means that Ghana's economy has never looked so healthy! People might like lower taxes, but they voted the socialists in!

The army expands rapidly, the Navy even more so. We also get closer to bolt action rifles for the troops.

We sign an alliance with Rome. This will help in the next war against Arabia.

The technological advances continue.

Along with some other nations, we organise the worlds first Olympics in two thousand years.

We also begin construction of our first five battleships.

Bolt Action Rifles go to the army.

We then begin to train our NCO's better.

An election starts, and we bring another state into Ghana.

Our few remaining wooden frigates are scrapped as the first battleship slides off the slipway.

The election finishes, and with 30% of the vote, the Snake Sharers take power.

We may have socialists in power, but Arabia is now controlled by the Communists after the revolution is a success.

The Snake Sharers introduce safety regulations in the factories. No more having sex while operating heavy machinery!

The New navy will be better organised. We being to construct lots of new naval ports to better support the modern ships. Five battleships and sixty steam transports is outstripping our ability to supply them.

The population of Ghana has hit 100 million. Still mostly Sosso, we have seen many others join as we took Ghana into the interior. Ogoonus make up 1.4% of the population – or 1,400,000 people directly descended from the great Dongu. This of course does not count all those daughters married off over the millennia. Most of the Sosso population can now trace its ancestry back to the great man.

The next big advance is the practical use of the Combustion Engine.

Arabia is undergoing an anarco-liberal counter revolution.

We create another state.

As we come to the end of the session, I look at our infamy. We cannot move just yet, as we risk jumping back up to 25 if our attempt to justify war is discovered. I will therefore wait another session before going to war.

1910 shall see us hit Arabia hard.