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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 66: 1905-1909 - A nice quick war.

Electricity fills the air! The people of Ghana no longer have to use gas to light their homes.

The Communists are doing so well, they decide to try and take power.

Silly Communists.

We clear the rebels out in a year, and begin to run electricity across the nation. We also improve our taxes.

Tractors also make themselves known across the nation.

An earthquake hits San Francisco, and the Kingdom of California morns their losses.

We improve our artillery ready for the next great war.

Another round of elections start, and we continue to modernise the country. We are also building the army as quickly as we can.

The Snake-Sharers appease 12% of the population by upping the minimum wage.

The march towards another war continues.

The experiments with “tanks” are particularly interesting. 39 brigades are ordered of these new wonder weapons. We of course order the factories built as well to produce them.

Of course, outwardly we talk of peace.

The Snake-Sharers have to make a collation with the Communists.

We begin to work on improving our factories.

We grant the Congo statehood.

Cheaper and more efficient factories! That is what Ghana is about!

Just as I'm about to start fabricating the next war claim, the Communists rise up again.

At least justifying said war will be easier.

God damn you scientists! This is one discovery we don't want!

We discover the Valley of the Kings however.

We wipe out the communists again, and improve our factories some more. Now is the time to ready ourselves for war.

We now have a special surprise for the Arabian hordes.

Our justification attempts are discovered, and we go to 18 infamy.

Our first tanks go into production and our infamy begins to drop again. Ghana is the second most powerful nation in the world. While we are a long way from challenging Scandinavia, our enemies are a long way from challenging us!

With 103 million people, Ghana is a power to be reckoned with. All we need do now is clean up those borders.....