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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 68: 1915-1919 - A time of peace and prosperity.

Things go quiet across the Empire. We decide to host a exposition on how to colonise.

We show off what we have done to Africa to the whole world.

The Snakes for All, not happy with being elected to power, plot as to how they can make the situation more permanent.

Shift work is introduced across Ghana. Once again, productivity increases.

Scattered Communist rebels pop up, only to be hammered down.

Hydra starts to run soup kitchens for the poor. The Socialist government may not like the support it brings, but they cannot act against people who seem to be doing good things for the masses.

The Norwegians force the Arabians to form a small country from the Asian population, while we introduce better guns for our navy. The Fascists in Ming are being attacked by Liberal rebels.

The Socialists maintain the government, but Hydra has nearly doubled their support.

This is followed by improved electrical generation technologies.

Hydra quickly turns their support into Paramilitary groups.

In power for another term, the government goes about expanding the rail system – the newly conquered lands are the worst off, and we will need to move troops through these lands to take the remaining ones.

We introduce secret ballots, to protect peoples rights to vote as they see fit.

Factory improvements continue to be the name of the day.

Peace and Prosperity reign in Ghana. Months pass with only the occasional report of new inventions and improvements to the people's way of life.

A new state is created in Kenya.

Soon after, the containment treaty runs out, and we are able to begin to rebuild our army – a hundred brigades of troops are ordered.

The rearmament continues apace. Our scientists get more and more annoying to the people, as they burst into the house of one Alfred Marshall and declare they have discovered him!

Thankfully this is followed by something a little more useful and a lot less intrusive.

The Congo is accepted as a state and we begin to justify the war with Arabia for the last of their lands.

The Arabians are always ready for any hostile moves off us, and spot our attempts quickly.

This slows our efforts, but at least this will give us more time to reduce the infamy.