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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 69: 1920-1924 - A Communist Spanner in the works.

Readying for the next war, we improve our army structure.

The Fascists are taking power in a number of countries. Australia too has fallen under the sway of a dictator.

Airplanes are introduced into the armed forces. We built the factories years ago, but for some reason putting guns on them has taken some time.

The communists attempt another coup to take over the country – this one has a massive backing! We have a massive army.

But this is one huge uprising!

1.1 Million rebels have risen up, with more forces being mustered. This is of course right before we get our war justification.

An election begins, and we get the Great War experience – this is not apparently a new form of theme park.

The People decide that the socialists are to much trouble, and return their vote to the Well-wishers. The rebels have been reduced to 158,000 men.

At least all this fighting helps spur further developments in our army.

The army has never been this well equipped.

We are now mopping up the last of the lands the rebels took, but this rebellion came at the worst time for us. We now focus on throwing people into the colonies. This does not help with the fact that our war justification has timed out, and with our infamy at 20, we will have to wait several years before we can think about justifying another.

We find a mummy in the valley of the Kings, for some reason, the scientists tell me that this can help us with our current goal of heavy artillery.

Our population his 110 million souls. 1.4 of these are Ogoonu and that puts the Great Dongu's direct descendants at 1.5 million. Although by now it is impossible to know how far his genes go.

The government enact better unemployment payments.

We finish our research into heavy armament.

This means we have completed the military research tree.

Our people now believe that we have a destiny. All of Africa shall be ours!

We are soon seeing military invention after military invention.

Another invention that will allow us to better supply our men in the field.

We advance out metallurgy once more.

This is soon followed by the electric furnace.

As the session comes to an end, we are faced with a stark choice. We only have 11 years until the end of the Victorian period, and our infamy stands at 17.39. We need to go to war to take the last bits of Africa for Ghana, but doing so will mean all of the world against us. This will mean mobilization and hardship for the people, but they are set on the idea of the whole continent under one rule.

Pictured, a continent NOT unified under one rule. Not pictured, tens of thousands of unhappy members of the Pretty Borders faction.

We will have to go to war with all of Europe. And when we go to war, it will be a long one.

Arabia will be the target, but they have long since proven they cannot stand against stout Ghanan men. Their women have become quite welcoming during the centuries of invasion, and many a child in Arabia has Ogoonu genes.

Then there is Norway, who still cling to their sliver of land. We shall begin to fabricate the claim on this land as soon as the war begins.

Some of the puppet states in South America may join in, but we have offered an Alliance to Peru, who are expanding rapidly with their own dreams of owning a continent.

Japan, with their Uzbeki protectorate, has also been offered an alliance.

Fascist Australia, which broke from our dominion after one of the wars (who cares which) has also been given a chance to join the Ghanan Alliance, as so has Aragon.

What is coming is going to be a major war, and in fact may well become the first true World War.