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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 73: 2105-2109 - Pirates and the race to hyperdrives.

Our new ships are formed into the Ghana defence force, and an Admiral appears to lead them.

We quickly see a scientist arrive as well, Indo is a weapons specialist, and will serve us well.

We see no pirates for the year barring one ship that comes in the check on us, we upgrade the Wellspring-3 to a medium spaceport, which also has weapon systems.

Of course, as soon as we do this, our scientists make their armour breakthrough.

We refit our ships and station to include these new defences – and add shields to Wellspring-3 – but as soon as the ships move towards the stardock, we learn on the Menacing Fang Bandits!

The Atuuko Bandits are building a mining station over Efuipzeymo.

We order a research station of each type constructed.

These stations have a quick effect.

Pirate ships begin to use Wellspring-3 as a refuelling station. Shaft thinks that this is a prelude to another attack, but no one else believes him.

People are not fans of Paranoid leaders – lessons have been learned by past Ogoonu. The first election removes him – although the press release misspells Keryn Ogoonu's surname.

A firm believer in the Snake in the Well, Keryan makes the people happy, even if he has the tendency to annoy non believers.

Our weapon scientists continue to make breakthrough after breakthrough.

This is quickly followed by hyperspace technology, and work begins on our first hyperdrive.

The Atuuko Bandits make an interesting offer – they will introduce us to another race of Aliens, for a nominal fee. Heads will with the ideas of meeting gorgeous green skinned aliens, the government agrees.

That's not a very sexy empire name.

In fact, they seem to be a very old race of sentient machines, with no interest in sex at all!

Seeing the disappointment of the world, the Menacing Fang Bandits sidle in with their own offer.

While alive, the cold blooded reptiles of the Naxxilian Nation are again not good targets for Snu-Snu. They have half our current income but double our military strength.

We add torpedoes to our arsenal.

The hideous mechanoids contact us with a warning.

Something about not disturbing the past, and a vague reference to “The Destroyers” or something like that.

The last thing to happen this session is the invention of a point defense system for our ships.