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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 75: 2115-2119 - The Age of Pirates.

The Cobras go into action, attempting to clear some giant Kaltors from an asteroid belt. A pirate ship watches on, seeing the might of our new fleet. Once ship is damaged so badly it has to jump out, but the monsters are destroyed.

Lorien steals the Naxxilian's maps. As well as the maps of the pirates.

They are far to the south, but they do show us the locations of many pirate bases and the Guardian Homeworld. We also learn the location of many inhabited worlds. None in our range of colonisation unfortunately.

What we do learn of many planets to colonise however.

The Visareen's are sent to Mailstrum to colonise the marshy world there. We order the construction of a colony ship of our own.

Jean-Luc Ogoonu then gets lost in the Sol system.

We have also learned what the Naxxilian's really look like. A little less threatening.

We add bombers to our arsenal.

The Vissareens settle Mailstrum 1. this is our first colony outside of the Sol system.

Our exploration ships then raid the Lofy Retreat of Osis, which nets us enough money for a new colony ship! Ghana – Raiding the past to build the Future!

We raid the Granite Tomb as well, and learn of the Shaktur Alliance. Was it this that our ancestors fled from?

Long range lasers are now possible.

The 1,100 credits a month we are paying to the Sol Marauders pays off, as another pirate group attacks Ogoonu Prime, only to be set upon by the Marauders.

We fight them off, but the Atuuko Bandits then cancel their protection payments and attack one of our Cobras. Orders are given to lay down the MKII Cobra hulls and we wait for the funds to build them.

They then strike at Ghana in force – the largest space ship we have ever seen, the Relentless Anarchy – 390 size and 90 firepower – blows up our research stations and then Wellspring-3. Indo is killed during the action.

The GDF tries to intervene, but take heavy losses, including Captain Shaka!

This is followed by the death of Admiral Jean Luc, and the decimation of our command structure is complete!

The Bandits leave, but all that is left of our once proud space navy is the crippled Cobra 3 above Ghana. The Civilian fleet is likewise damaged, and the Marauders have lost some ships trying to defend us.

All our money goes on the Wellspring-4, but the Pirates just return and blast that from the skies, then finish off our last Cobra.

We are forced to offer the Bandits crippling protection money.

This puts us into debt, so I am forced to cancel the protection payments to the smaller factions.

We get enhanced shields, and I raise taxes.

Our contact details are sold to another alien race – more space dinosaurs it seems.

These seem to be based off the Naxxilian Homeworld.

We being construction of the Wellspring-5, but the Bandits cancel their protection pact again. When we beg them to reconsider, they double their price. We do not have the money to pay them.

They destroy the latest space station. They seem determined to keep us in the stone age. The sight of the huge Relentless Anarchy in low orbit is becoming a common sight to our people.

The Bandits then go after the civilian ships, destroying or capturing most of them.

We finally scrape the money together to get them to stop attacking us, but the losses are heavy, and the price is high.

Our people are desperate we do something, so we send Kevian to attempt to destroy the aliens main base.

A colony ship manages to survive the pirate onslaught, and colonises Delta Serpentis.

The Wellspring-6 – a smaller space port due to our terrible monetary situation – is finished.

our scouts meet a new alien empire, the Grand Atuuk Territory, but we don't know where their planets are yet.

Kevian is captured trying to blow up the Bandit Base. He is never heard from again, but will be remembered as a hero.

With the government on the brink of bankruptcy, we can do nothing until our colonies grow some more. We do scrape the money together for a MKII Cobra. With better engines, sheilds and turning speeds, and a firepower of 91. These ships are much better than the first generation versions, but we cannot afford to build many.

Then the protection agreement is cancelled again. 18,000 credits in debt, there is nothing we can do but evacuate Wellspring 6 before the pirates arrive.

The Cobra manages to rout a smaller pirate ship, and is ordered to protect Ghana.

Amazingly, the Relentless Anarchy does not appear in orbit this time, and we begin to build a new idea – a defensive battery that should be able to drive off the enemy – if we can finish it in time!

A colony leader joins us, and is dispatched to Mailstrum.

With the exception of the current pirate raid, the planet is developing well, with 14 million humans joining the Visareens.

The Ghanan Empire is growing, but there are troubling times ahead. The Bandits must be dealt with, but to do that, we must build a fleet.