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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 76: 2120-2124 - Diplomatic contacts.

The Orbital battery comes online. It should have enough fire-power to protect the capital.

We then begin to construct one around Ogoonu Prime, with the second Cobra craft protecting the construction.

We have a surprise for the pirates though, the funds realsed by not paying their protection allows us to bring three more Cobra's online. They go right into action over Ogoonu Prime.

The Sovereignty sends us a gift – its not much, but it shows good intent.

Two new military leaders are promoted to replace our losses.

The new Admiral is tested over Ogoonu prime. Construction work is slowed by the fact that we are short many resources – many of which we are yet to discover.

We discover the Brakios Empire.

They are not friendly it seems.

Looking at our intelligence, We can see they are ahead of us in some ways, but it is still early days.

Of more worry is the Grand Atuuk Territory – who, we are told, have adopted something called the “Way of Darkness”.

We deploy Nick Ogoonu to gain the location of these two empires.

We then manage to catch and destroy a pirate ship over Ogoonu Prime!

Meanwhile the civilians pay for a Energy Research base to be constructed over a massive gas giant in the Ilruud system.

While we applaud any attempt to get our research projects back on track, they could have picked a more defensible location.

Low on resources for an large construction projects, we buy contact with some new empires off the pirates. Of which there are now a huge amount of!

Of these three nations, only the Enton Dominion seem friendly, although they are distrustful of us at this time.

We improve our ships engines.

The Sol Marauders have stationed ships over Ogoonu Prime. They are the only pirates we are still paying, and they have acted in good faith and defended our worlds. I move the fleet to Delta Serpentis, where we are attempting to build another weapons platform.

Nick steals the territory map of the Brakios Empire, they are in the north and of little threat to us at this distance.

The orbital battery over Mailstrum is completed, and under the wise rule of Yuri, the colony is going from strength to strength.

A new research station comes online over the planet Creep.

These civilians know how to pick their locations – this one shares a system with a Guardian Mining base!

It is also well outside of our territory.

With so many hostile forces out there, we contact the Enton to trade galaxy maps – they are getting the better end of the deal here, but that should only improve our relations.

this provides us the location of many more empires.

Here are the new contacts.

The fleet arrives at Delta Serpentis, just in time to destroy a pirate ship. We also make another contact.

Our fifth world, and fourth colony, Gamma Draconis is founded.

The Jintus Authority also seems friendly.

The Brakios Empire soon thaw relations as well.

Gamma Draconis is raided by a new pirate force – this one has a massive crusier!

Apparently the new colonists didn't get the message that space is an extremely dangerous place, and a rebellion begins. Not that they are paying any taxes to begin with anyway!

The Marauders attempt to engage the Decisive Conflict, but only succeed in losing two ships.

Another new group, the Haunted Marauders, arrive over Ogoonu Prime and take out the almost constructed defensive base there.

We sign a free trade agreement with the Enton Dominon.

The Haunted ships then jump to Ghana, where the defence platform and our newly constructed collection of Escorts and Frigates await.

The lead pirate ship didn't know what hit it. The rest flee our wrath.

Someone blows up a the Creep weapons research station. This is thought to be espionage, rather than pirate attacks, but it is still a worry.

The time has come to do something about these pirates. The Haunted Marauders are the latest to attack us, so they shall be first on our list to die.
Nick Ogoonu is sent out to find the location of their hidden base. He may be corrupt, but at least he's better out in the field than “defending” Ghana.

We have finished filling our some techs, and a new war needs a new craft.

The Revenge class destroyer has a higher damage output than the Cobra,

The new defensive fleet meanwhile, goes into action, bagging another pirate kill.

As the year comes to an end, we see a breakthrough that allows larger craft and stations. This allows us to design our first cruiser – the Dongu class may only have a small amount of fire power, but its two fighter bays mean that it can deploy eight bombers to support attacks.

Now we shall show these pirates!