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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 81: 2145-2149 - A refugee explosion.

A new starport opens up above Gamma Draconis.

The world below now has more Naxxilians on it than humans! Things must really be bad in the Naxxilian empires.

Most of our worlds are now bringing in tax incomes.

While pirate attacks are dropping in number, they still occur, although with troops in place, we can now repulse them when they land.

We add another world, Aldiraan 3, to our empire. Being only a short jump from Sol and Ghana makes it much more defensible than some other worlds.

The Grand Atuuk Territory impose trade sanctions on us.

We don't care though, as we are finally making profit! Even if we are still paying the pirates 40,000 credits a year. To celebrate we order ten more Black Mambas and three Dongu MKIII's.

New ships are added to the 8th Fleet, and they are dispatched to take out another pirate base.

The Burning Rock Bandits have two captured colony ships over around their Nazur fortress.

They jump off, and we have all but destroyed the fortress when a huge ship, the Emancipator of Lazareen jumps in to defend it. The subsequent fire-fight costs us Admiral Thassun.

The attack costs us five ships with another five heavy damaged, and the capital ship escapes, but the fortress is destroyed.

It takes us some time, but apparently our people will now consent to live on desert worlds. This is really odd for desert people.

The Dark Moon Confederation become the next people to try and attack Ogoonu Prime. For a planet in our home system, it does seem to be the number one pirate target now.

They trade several ships for the two defensive bases above the planet. These ships become 10th fleet and ordered to guard the planet while three upgraded defence platforms are built.

6th Fleet meanwhile is attacking a pair of small star bases belonging to the Sileeshia Syndicate. They destroy the target, but are lose some ships, and are ordered to come in for a refit and repair.

Another world is added to the Ghanan Empire.

Quickly followed by another.

For a bunch of supposedly peaceful refugees, these guys are pretty big for their boots.

We are soon distracted by the terrible news that Mailstrum I has been taken along with its near one billion inhabitants by the Dark Moon Confederation! How could our most populous colony fall to pirates?

It seems that they have spent years putting their own people into place in the government, and have now sprung into action.

Our first troop transport is designed, and two are ordered.

We add another world to the Empire, this is our first desert world.

10th Fleet arrives to retake Mailstrum 1.

They defeat the attacking pirates, and then our new troop transport moves in with 13 divisions of Ghana's finest on-board. Our first planetary invasion is against our own world!

The Dark Moon confederation has been busy, they have 71,000 men to defend the world – 40,000 of their own troops and the rest from the population they have bribed, they also have two hidden bases. Unfortunately for them, we have brought close to a quarter of a million men.

The world is soon ours once more.

I look up from our pirate woes and make a worrying discovery.

The Erutka Refugees have expanded hard in the last five years, having expanded from a single world to having 22 colonies. The Naxxilians have born the brunt of this expansion, and the similarities in their colours has caused me to miss this expansion.

This is the same region of space just five years ago.

Even more worrying is the news from the planets taken, they seem to breed at an astronomical rate, this is a world they did not own a few years ago, but it already has over a billion Erutkah on it! And this is a sample world. There is no trace of the original inhabitants.

Yet, they are not listed as a major power. This is strange and worrying.