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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 84: 2160-2164 - From the dark times, Ghana rises.

More enemy carriers arrive over Africanas.

Delta Serpentis comes under attack as well.

Africanas is now a world of rubble.

A fleet arrives over Ghana, the remains of the Guardian fleet are hurrying back to protect the planet.

Luckily they arrive before the planet can be bombarded, but not before the space port has been destroyed.

Things are going badly at Delta Serpentis.

A Guardian fleet arrives just as the last people on the planet are annihilated.

We get some breathing space, with our colonies not being attacked for some time. It is decided that we have to go on the offensive, our once colony of Aldiraan 3 is selected. We could hold back and defend, but we risk allowing the Shaktur time to build another planet destroyer and send it against Ghana itself.

The guardians arrive and they quickly take the planet. This is a fairly bloodless engagement, which is surprising.

We make a quick jump to Onepau and repeat the pattern there.

Our ships arrive at Kurdassea 1. This is the next target in the great counter offensive.

This time, we are the ones landing troops. Our men are told stories of dead planets to whip them into a frenzy.

We take the world quickly and begin forcing the Shaktur there to begin maintaining our ships. Their taxes swell our coffers.

The attacks on our worlds have come to a stop for now, so it is time to send out fleet back to the southern front.

A major attack on Kurrubah 2 is mounted. Still there are fewer Shaktur ships than we expect, are we moving quicker than they can engage us?

The planet can now only hold off our battle hardened and above all motivated troops for a few days before new Shaktur slaves are added to the Empire. Each one will be worked hard until they die, a fitting punishment for ones who have killed billions of Ogoonu.

Desmaanu 1 is the next target, and it too quickly falls.

Could it be we are turning this war around? Could it be the suicide attack on their capital has broken the back of these foul aliens?

The Osis system seems to be the most northern enemy stronghold, and we add our ships to the large battle.

Another world falls in the great counter offensive.

With our allies also advancing, we are able to plan an attack on the Sulanos system, the major staging area for the Shaktur. This will be a bloody battle do doubt, but we could break them once and for all.

Space fills with fire and death.

At least four extra Shaktur fleets jump in, each of them with many of their frightening captial ships.

We take heavy losses, then the Guardians, the Utranatu Colonies and the Akdarian Nation send fleets in to support the attack.

The attack continues, but the Ancient Guardians desire the Shaktur filled world of Osis 1. We give it to them, in exchange for every technology they have.

Ghana may have been battered by this war, but the last couple of years have seen an amazing counter attack and the Empire bouncing back. The Shaktur are in retreat, and we need to keep the pressure on to extinguish them from the Galaxy.

Ghana now has six worlds, and nearly five billion Shaktur slaves.

Working these slaves in mines and factories is saving us 20% of our ship maintenance costs, and the economy is booming.

We are now the fifth most powerful empire, and will soon eclipse the Iskabar kingdom.

With 10% of the GDP, 7% of the population and 5% of the colonies, things are looking good. But the last column shows the price of this war, and the fights with the pirates, we have lost 371 ships in the last 65 years, and destroyed 446.

Ghana Shall Prevail.
The Snake in the Well has demanded it!