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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 85: 2165-2169 - The war drags on.

We use our new technology to design our first capital ship – The Well Snake class battleship will bring terror to our enemies.

We then sell a lot of the tech the Guardians have given us to our allies, gaining us huge piles of cash. We use this to fund our new fleet.

Sulanous 6 is to well defended, we pull our troops out until we can rebuild the fleet.

This break in the attack allows the Shaktur to go on the counter offensive.

They land troops on Kurrubah 2 to free their people.

We meanwhile begin to expand once more – we need more worlds and more resources.

The remains of the Guardian fleet arrive at Kurrubah to try and hold the world – we lost far to many ships in the offensive, and I am not sure we can hold this world.

The Shaktur retake the world, so we land more troops to take it back.

Sometimes I feel like the whole universe is against Ghana. The bloody space dinosaurs attack us. I can see why we only found their bones on Ghana – they are to stupid to be allowed to live!

Then I realise that it is not just us – our allies against the Shaktur are also under attack, the Naxxilian Empire, Naxxilian Soverenty, the Ketarov Empire and the Grand Atuuk Territory have started a war on the Utopian alliance! The Shaktur are calling in their puppets into the war, as they must not think they can win it alone.

Another massive Shaktur fleet is seen, this war is not over yet is would seem.

Not that the Alliance is short on ships. Why our forces have returned to Sulanos I do not know, they must have followed a raiding fleet.

Shaktur reinforcements jump in, and the remains of our Guardian fleet – 12 ships – is caught in warp denial bubbles.

Meanwhile, I have collected a bunch of frigates and escorts, and launched and attack on the Naxillians.

Enough of our Guardian ships survive to move to Ethur 3 and take it. Only eight of our high tech ships remain from fifty.

The war seems to stagnate somewhat, our fleet is much stronger now, but I need troop transports to move things forward.

A new leader is elected, the last one having led us for nearly fifty years.

Our people, in their wisdom, have decided in this time of strife to remove someone with a 20% ship building bonus and a 40% colony growth bonus and replace him with a corrupt fool.

The southern front is still a mess.

We have some large fleets now, but once more, fuel is the issue.

Ghana is rebuilding, but things are not moving forward as quickly as before.

The galaxy is a place of war, and I have no idea who is going to win.