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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 86: 2170-2174 - The second great expansion.

The Shaktur return to Kurrubah 2, this time they decide to just bombard the planet.

There are a few million humans on the world, so we deploy a fleet to drive the enemy off.

The war for us is not moving quickly at this stage, we build our troop transports and decide to use them to reclaim Gamma Draconis and the Salt Desert.

Another of our fleets attack Ehtur 3.

The Shaktur ships may be amazing in space, but their ground troops cannot match good Ghanan steel.

We also colonise another world – our first volcanic one.

Its a little far off into the north, but its away from the Shaktur!

The Akdarians get Gamma Draconis before us, but we make a move for the Salt Desert.

Our other fleet has reached Trendlu 2, and has begun the invasion, but the masses of Shaktur mean we make little headway through sheer weight of numbers.

We reclaim Ogoonu Prime, although the world is not the garden world it once was – this is mainly a PR stunt.

Another election is held, and captain corruption is replaced by an energetic bean counter.

The Naxilians on Gamma Draconis rebel and rejoin the Nation, so we land troops to take the world for ourselves.

The Ketarov Empire end their pointless war with us.

Another world is colonised – we are scrabbling around for resources and to claim worlds to allow our population to rebuild – Ghana is at maximum population, and people clamour for breeding room.

Gamma Draconis is ours. The Naxilians may have recolonised it, but they should learn what is claimed by Ghana remains part of Ghana.

The people on the planet disagree, and rise up. We are forced to reinvade.

Meanwhile, the Enton Dominion has secured Ircisa in the Sulnaos system, we move to help them hold the system from the Shaktur counter attack.

The Shaktur counter attack and retake Ethur 3.

Two more worlds are colonised in quick succession.

The loss of Sulanos pushes the Shaktur back to a few systems in the far south.

They are attacking Ircisa hard, but we are holding.

Gamma Draconis is ours once more. The troops shall stay to try and keep the rebellious dinos down.

They can rise up, but we can put them down.

We buy peace with the Naxilian Nation – we need to focus on the Shaktur, and the damn lizards are to hard to hold – we need more troops to garrison any worlds we take than we can produce at this time.

We find a Shaktur Starport at Dirra 4, and order an attack on it – this will be producing ships, and needs to be taken out.

The other powers send ships to help, and Utopian forces begin to flood into the system.

Enemy production takes another hit.