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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 87: 2175-2179 - Liberation and reconquest

The battle for Dirra 4 continues, we have driven off the Shaktur fleet and are now beginning work on destroying the hyper powerful defensive battery.

The guardians arrive and take the world before we can muster troops.

Taking this world does push the Shaktur back, but we need to break off our assault to repair and refuel our ships.

In the Sulanos system, the battle for Irdsa continues.

Our ships begin to arrive at the large starbase over Mellaipo.

The Naxxillian Nation attacks the other Human empire. We come to their aid.

We make a strike right for the Salt Desert.

We take the world, and gain a new ability for our empire.

The Naxilians attack Gamma Draconis, but as this is the same system, our ships are there in hours.

The Naxxillian Empire has been absorbed by the Naxxillian Nation.

The Utopian fleets are going all out to hit the Nation now. We go for the homeworld of the Wekkaru next.

We take the planet and its five billion inhabitants for the Empire.

The Utopian onslaught has reduced the Nation to only two colonies, it is time to remove these warmongering dinosaurs from control.

Another leader is elected to lead Ghana.

While noting the swift destruction of the Naxilian worlds, I noticed a lone Shaktur colony in the area, we move to take it.

We buy peace with what is left of the Nation, then send fresh troops into the meat grinder that is Sulanos.

Shaktur raiding fleets drive deep into our territory to hit Gamma Draconis and the Salt Desert.

This is part of a major Shaktur counter attack that has retaken a world from the Guardians.

The Brakios Empire becomes the next group to annoy the Utopian Alliance. We of course come to the Utrantu Colnies aid.

We oddly then get a message from a Nixxilian empire called the Tallaan Supremacy, who claim to have wiped out the Naxxilian nation.

Several other races also declared war on us with the Brakios. The Jintus Authority is in range of our fleets, and will pay for this foolishness.

Ghana has pulled herself from the pit of near destruction, and is now stronger than she has ever been. The Empire has twenty worlds and thirty eight billion citizens of nine separate alien races. We are allied with the races with blue next to them, at war with those with red, and trading with the green races.

The Shaktur so-called Supremacy is down to eight worlds and 33 million of their buggy people, their military strength is dropping, and they are losing this war.

The Guardians have a massive military, and while this war will drag on, it seems we have turned the balance in our favour.

While we are considered 7th in galactic power, the gap between the great powers is small, and any one group could take the lead.

Now we need to finish the Shaktur, but the southern front is still a mass of ships from six major powers.