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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 88: 2180-2184 - A much needed lull.

Our campaign against the Brakios Empire begins. Shame we lose out troop transports early on and cannot take the world.

We do take the Jintus Authority world of Sasvuuq. Most of the population is Shaktur however!

We have to refuel once more, so we offer peace to the Jintus Authority.

After a refuelling stop we hit an take a small Shaktur world.

We see that the Shaktur are getting pushed back in the south, but we are targeting the worlds they are retaking in the north for now.

We launch an attack south, and find a system with three Shaktur penal colonies, and a whole boatload of defenders.

The tempo of the war for us is slowing down as I desperately try and build more fuel mining stations to try and finally get over this drought. Meanwhile a deep strike force tries to attack The Salt Desert.

The Brakios Empire invade Delta Serpentis, and we are forced to send ships north to deal with them.

They take the world, and we order our people to hold out until relief arrives.

Their fleet flees before ours arrives, and we begin to retake the planet.

We then lose one of our Shaktur worlds to the Ishabar Kingdom! The aliens are hitting us hard it seems.

Delta Serpentis is taken, but by a Guardian fleet! We lodge a complaint, but the AI does not seem to know what the problem is.

This brings this session to a close, there was not much action and a lot of moving ships around to refuel so little of interest has happened in the last five years.
The Shaktur are slowly being forced back, they cling to every world the Utopian Alliance takes with grim determination of galaxy killing bugs, but we are winning.