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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 89: 2185-2189 - Ghana on the offensive.

We retake Kurdassea.

We get an interesting offer from the Tallaan Supremacy, they will give us three mining stations in return for trade sanctions against the Helu Federation. We agree.

We then speak to the Federation to lift the trade sanctions they have put on us – our trade means more to them than theirs does to us!

We then end the war with the Brakios Empire, who have realised that Ghana is no pushover, even after nearly thirty years of war with the Shaktur. We then buy off the Naxxilian Nation with some cheap mining tech.

We will end the wars against the Iskabar Kingdom and the Jintus Authority, but first we want to punish them – a fleet arrives over Rigean 1.

The planet falls and we take control of nearly two billion new subjects.

Having taken the world, we end both by talking to the Jintus.

The Rigean System apparently has two pirate bases in it – we move to destroy this faction, but they have to many ships.

We launch an attack on one of the smaller Shaktur worlds. We also discover more humans.

We quickly take the world and then order the fleet to have a try at taking the nearby system.

This is a better defended system, with one of the enemies starbases here. We change the target from the Penal colony to the starbase to hurt enemy ship production.

The starbase is destroyed, the colony taken and the prisoners freed – until they begin to rebel anyway!

I may have just killed some more Relik Greese, but we have hurt the enemy once more.

We are once more drawn into a war with the Grand Atuuk Territory.

The first strike takes the Atuuk world of Kurillea 2. We hit with such swiftness we take the starport and orbital defence platforms intact!

A decent sized Shaktur Fleet counter attacks at Oltaar 1.

For some reason, they still think they can bully us around.

The Atuuk have another planet in the Kurillea system, but we need to rearm and repair the fleet before we can move on.

The Jintus Authority does not want to join the Shaktur war, but they are willing to let our ships refuel at their bases.

We are however able to bring the Ketarov Empire into the war on our side – by the use of a bribe of civilian technology.

The Iskabar Kingdom joins the war in a deal that nets us some nice upgrades.

The bulk of the Shaktur fleet exists in the Yitnes system, it will take a lot of firepower to bring down these forces. At least we have them on the defensive and have just brought two new empires into the war. Three inhabited worlds make up this system, and all three are penal worlds.

Although a surprise strike by one of our fleets does liberate one of the Penal worlds there.

We roll out a new design – our first Carrier, the Snake in the Well class. This massive ship is designed to give us absolute air superiority, and be a hallmark of the Ghanan fleets.


The counter-attack at Yitnes is inevitable, but it keeps them pinned to the system.

This draws the fleet off and allows a brave Ghanan strike force to jump in and liberate a second of the Penal colonies!

As the year and session comes to an end, our first carriers roll off the various slipways.

We are pushing the Shaktur back, they now control only three star systems, only one of them is fully under their control.

While their Military strength holds steady, they have lost half their worlds in the last five years. Most of their Thralls have abandoned them, only the insignificant Great Ikkuro Supremacy holds true to them, and even they are annoyed.

Ghana grows at a massive rate, with over eighty billion subjects – only a quarter of them are human however, as the Empire has become a place of sanctuary for members of pretty much every alien race in the galaxy,

Our victories against the Shaktur have catapulted us to second place in the galaxy.

Ghana, as always, will prevail.