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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 90: 2190-2194 - Strike and counterstrike.

A large Shaktur fleet attacks and retakes Oltaar 1.

The battles in the Yitnes system continue, we cannot defeat the enemy here, but we can at least slow them down a lot.

We use this distraction to make another patented Ghanan suprise attack – this time on their new home world – the Aaghra Penal colony.

Waves of troops land, but the bugs are to well entrenched. - although two thirds of this force is militia from the civilian population.

While we can't take the world, what we can do is destroy the enemies ability to build more ships here, and capture a few Shaktur ships for our own fleet.

The new Snake in the Well class carriers hold off and swarm the area with fighters (the blue dots).

A brave unit of crack commandos board the starbase, they capture it, but have to flee the station before the self destruct mechanism takes it down. It is still a good result for us.

A deep striking Shaktur fleet destroys the Gamma Draconis colony and takes the Salt Desert. A large Guardian force counter attacks. We have no troops in this area to retake the planet with however, and I order more trained. We struggle to keep up with the losses in this war.

Another of our smaller colonies comes under attack in the same manner, but we are able to get destroyers there in time. The Shaktur now seem to be adapting and copying my raiding tactics.

The continue to concentrate their fleets at Yitnes, and I realise that only a major strike is going to break the current stalemate.

Major offensives need reinforcements.

We assemble our largest fleet, 124 of our finest (ok, only) ships and order them to the system.

Allied units begin the attack. The battle for Yitnes begins.

We live in a galaxy of battle.....

The Shaktur ships are to strong, and we are forced to call a general retreat. We have lost about forty ships in the attack.

We lose one of the new colonies, and an alien force attacks Ghana! There is always another fire to fight! Thankfully, the Shaktur fleets flee as we send forces in, they are just trying to spook us.

Meanwhile a captured Ikkuro world declares itself independent from all empires.

I order the main fleet to attack the Shaktur colony – this time I order a bombardment, but somehow we are able to capture it! We even get the orbital defence base as a bonus.

The Guardians take another Shaktur World. They manage to hold on to five colonies, but they are shrinking fast, the Guardian 23 fleet is already on its way to Zhar.

Then, late in the session, another of their damnible deep strike fleets takes the small colony of Efuipzeymo, in the Sol system!

They immediately rebel of course, but due to the large population of Ikkuro, they to become independent!

Life in the Ghanan empire is never dull!