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Distant Worlds

by Grey Hunter

Part 91: 2195-2199 - The New Guardians.

A new plan forms, We can win on the ground, but not in space. The Python class troop transport is fast and relatively cheap, and will allow us to sprint for the Shaktur worlds and take them before they can respond.

A major battle is developing around the last Shaktur held planet in the Yitnes system.

The major offensive may not take the planet, but it pins the main Shaktur fleet, and other Guardian attacks take three of their worlds, reducing them to two colonies!

We land troops on the Penal Colony in Zhar, but the Shaktur throw their Naxxillian convicts at us in waves.

These waves of ill trained troops are unable to stop the well disciplined Ghanans from taking the planet and it large star port.

From a point of almost wiping us out, the Shaktur have been reduced to a single world. Can they still afford to maintain their massive fleet?

We must liberate this penal colony and put and end to the Shaktur menace.

The enemy gets desperate, and throws its ships into the guns of the Ghana defence platforms.

Desperate for planets and resources, they take Kurrubah 2 with a small fleet.

We quickly move to take it back.

This is the start of a new pattern for the enemy, as they desperately hurl their fleets against worlds trying to rebuild what they have lost.

Kurrubah 2 is retaken.

But we then lose Indur 3 to another of their roving fleets. They are taking worlds, but none of them are as important as the worlds they have lost.

This fleet then jumps to Sol and tries to attack Ogoonu Prime – thankfully we have ships in the area to intercept. As soon as this does so, Indur 3 rebels and rejoins the Empire.

In the Zhar system, the world of Spogai, which had been controlled by the Guardians, rebels and joins the Empire.

The Grand Atuuk Territory comes to us with an offer – several disputed mining bases for trade sanctions. We agree, as we need the resources.

The fast strike team we ordered hits the Yitnes Penal Colony. The troops make it through and manage to overwhelm and capture the enemy control point, and then the planet.

With that, the last Shaktur world surrenders, and acknowledging us as the architects of their doom, the [/i]Entire Shaktur fleet[/i] also surrenders to us!

Ghana suddenly has a huge military.

And a huge bill to pay for them!

The war may be over, but there is no time to rest – we immediately send the ships against the pirates.

We are forced to disassemble some of the Shaktur ships, but we get a tech boost from them.

The Guardians spend some time checking for hidden pockets of resistance, but find none. They finally declare the Shaktur war over. They also give us all of their planet and technical knowledge, appointing Ghana as Guardians of the Galaxy! Was it not we who organized the suicide attack on their home-world that broke the back of their advance? Was it not Ghana that lost billions of people in the war, but still manages to take several enemy capitals? Ghana has proven herself worthy of this task.

None of the other races oppose this, most of them are part of the Alliance, and the ones that are not cannot match the alliance. Ghana will now lead the galaxy and enforce peace and free love for all.

Ghana now controls huge swathes of space.

No one can say what happens from here on out. There may still be threats in the galaxy, but none can match the Shaktur, and with the Utopian technology, we will be able to annihilate any foe and help any friend.

One this is certain.

Ghana will prevail.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the LP, I was sure I was going to lose that one at some point, but over the last nine months Ghana has had its ups and downs – and more than its fare share of innuendos.

Now it is time to bid the brave Africans goodbye. I hope you will all join me in the Advanced Tactics Gold LP that I will be putting up soon. As soon as I've written the OP and had a bit of a break after a frankly exhausting play through.

This is me, so what, tomorrow