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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 1: Government Types & The Races

Race selection

As this is getting a little long, I shall hold off on any more mechanics, and get on to choosing the race we shall play as. Each one has a number of special abilities and statistics, giving you an idea on where the race specializes from.

For each suggestion, I need the following.

Empire Name
Government type
Empire colour
Homeworld Name
Quick bio

Post this in here, and then add it to this google document.

The basic back-story is that this is the second round of galactic civilization, the first round having been brought to a sudden halt by an unknown force. After a long period of rebuilding, the races are once more heading back into space. So there are going to be a lot of left over ruins and tech, and other examples of the various species spread across the galaxy.

Apart from that, have free reign! Be creative.

Government Types

Here is the list of the various government types, each has its own benefits. Most of this won't mean much to you at this time, but then again, who wants to power game over a more interesting choice?

The Races

And here is the list of the races we can be, they are a fairly varied bunch. You have your normal warlike races, the scientists, the traders and the diplomats.

I'll post up a fuller sheet on the race chosen, for now, I've been waffling on for to long now, and I'll let you get to voting.
I'll give you until tues morning my time before calling it and giving you the situation before allowing you to call for leaders, ships, and of course, organizing you parties.

Lets get this train wreak on the road!