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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 2: The state of the Securan Empire

Who are we? We are the Securans.

years ago, our first great civilization collapsed, we do not know why, only that it was a time of chaos. We do know that this is not our birth world, this world is where the great leader, Kiptin Kark, left our great queen Marta and her retinue after saving her from what ever calamity overtook the galaxy.

The great queen loved Kark, and was bearing his children, and from there, our race prospered. It took time to build up our numbers, as the few males that are born to our kind do not last long past puberty, being overworked with their given task of keeping the population levels stable, and the vast female population happy. At least they die happy after short but ecstatic lives.

Our civilization has grown since Kark left us, and all on our world are happy with their lot in lives. Our scientist have been working for generations, and we have finally rebuilt the great hyper-drives that our foremothers used to travel across the galaxy. It is now time for us to expand from Barbarella and spread our love across the galaxy.

The council will now form, but for you, the chosen of the world, here is a breakdown of our situation.

We are found in the Yidagun system. This has a total of five planets and one large moon.

This is Barbarella, our home world and the world closest to the sun. We have 10.91 billion people living here in perfect harmony. It produces three resources.

We are especially fortunate, as Barbarella produces two of the resources that our race values the most.

This is one of the reasons that our planet has prospered so well. Our economy is strong, we have 41,000 credits on hand, and should see 62,000 come in each year from taxation.

In the rest of the system, Yidagun 2 is a continental planet, we currently have a mining base here, but no colony, we as yet lack the knowledge to colonize continental worlds. It supplies us with Osalia, Rephidium Ale, a very rare luxuary resource, polymers and gold. It has a moon (off shot) that has steel on it.

Yidagun 3 is a barren rock, we are currently mining lead, steel and iridium from this world.

The fourth planet in the system is another continental world, this one with no known resources.

Yidagun 5 is another barren world with steel and lead.

Finally, we reach the outer planet, the gas giant of Yidagun 6, which we are mining hydrogen and casleon, important fuels. It has a large moon orbiting it, Dhaurk, which is barren and contains yet more lead, steel and iridium.

On a galactic scale, we are located on the edge of the galaxy, in a rather empty sector of space. Apparently the Great Kark thought that this would keep us safe.

We have already made a few steps into space, in sector A4, we have two bases.

In the culdar system, rimwards (or to the left on the image above), we have a mining base on one of the solitary gas giant in the system. This gives us Argon, Helium and Tyderius.

The other system, to the south (I shall use land directions to prevent confusion) is the system of Bacora Junction. This has a number of gas giants, a volcanic world and an oceanic moon that we may someday be able to colonise. It is also home to the Bacora Junction Research facility, which is home to our greatest scientists and contributes to energy research.

Now let us turn back to our people.

Things are good for our world, but space is getting tight, and we need space to expand.

Our private sector has been busy, readying itself for this great expansion. They have thirteen interstellar freighters ready, two passenger ships and a number of mining ships.

We have adequate defences for the home world. We have fourteen divisions ready, with two more being formed up.

Our military advisor inform me that our troops are not likely to be the greatest in the galaxy. With ten thousand women in each unit, these combat values should be closer to 10,000. Our people are not motivated to fight, and training is often lax. But we should be able to hold our own.

If our army is weak, then our military fleet is weaker.

We have but three ships, one escort, one frigate and one destroyer. They have yet to be given their proper names.

They are fairly effective designs, with little real difference between the frigate and the destroyer, except the destroyer is going to load a division of infantry into its troop quarters.

We do have an orbital battery under construction, but it is some way from completion. You can also see our star port which most of the civilian ships will be docking at, and will construct all out ships. At some point, we may want to increase the size of this, to allow more ships to dock and be constructed, but it suits our needs for now.

We also have two construction ships and two exploration ships. The construction ships are heading out to Bacora Junction to build new mining bases there.

Research wise, we have a few paths we can take.

Weapon wise, we are researching missile weapons, but have a number of options.

Energy research is currently working on allowing us to build new ships.

Finally, our high tech and industrial researchers are working on opening up those continental worlds as soon as possible, so we can make the most us of our system.

Lastly I shall turn to our leaders.

Here I am, people say I'm a little paranoid, but its not true, your not paranoid when the ARE out to get you. - hence we shall be well protected from internal and external threats. I'm also behind the recent tax reforms, I know that the 1 credit tax on body oils was unpopular, but its bringing in the money we need. My colony ship initiative will also be helpful in the long term.

Here is our ambassador, she's totally untested, and currently has some odd name, I shall sort that soon.

The same can be said about our intelligence agent. That is all of the notable people on our world. But I'm sure others will show up soon.

Now it is over to you!

You may now form parties, announce your party here, and add them to the list in the sheet.

Then you need to:

Submit ship names (1 per class per person for now)
Get your planet name and infantry division names into the right column.
If you want a leader, put you name into the right column.

After 24 hours, I shall open up the first legislative session!

Feel free to ask questions, I will have missed something, but for now, we have few options, so this one should be simple.