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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 3: Session 1 - 2754-2756, First steps into space.

The Market Improvement for New Economies act has been passed with 13 votes.
Increase Exploration fleet.
Explore as many stars as possible.
Research colonization of Continental worlds

With new direction given to me by the government, I enact the mine act, and order the constriction of five new explorer vessels.

I know Grasping Navigator is not a suggested name, but it seems that the game is getting into the spirit of things already!

I also order the construction of three colony ships, as these behemoths take time to construct, and we shall need them all soon. Research is set to Moisture-Seeking Love Missiles, Continental World Colonization and Enhanced Construction.

Our ships leave the system out in search of brave to worlds to seduce.

The diamonds are the exploration ships, the crossed circles the construction ships.

Exactly one month later, the Probe arrives at the Turvec system, and finds that we are not alone in the galaxy! It seems that just a short jump from a home-world there is another world full of our people!

It seems that since their alien masters fled, they have been making sure that they broadcast no deep space messages to draw attention to themselves, only when first contact was made, did they realize it was safe once more in the galaxy.
You have to wonder what they were doing in the 2,700 years since the fall.

They do seem to have a large number of freighters however, for an insular race. There is also a stone fortress on the world that was abandoned by their masters, I order the Probe to scan it from orbit, and also order a colony ship to land and officially welcome the world into the Securan Paradise.

We have a name for our kinswoman’s enslavers, the Shaktur Axis seem to be responsible for the burning of the galaxy over two and a half millennia ago.

After a month of surveying, the Probe sends an emergency message, apparently two pirate ships have entered the Turvec system and have begun attacking the parked freighters above Turvec 2!

These two ships are a destroyer and an escort, but it seems that the Turvecians have no warships! All the ships scramble and disappear into space, but it seems that there are some threats in the region.

The new Exploration ships have set out from Barberella. We also receive news that the orbital battery has come on line over our home world, making people feel so much safer.

People are also saying that this mass construction project has made me labour oriented, I hear that there is less lovemaking in the streets, and that people are unhappy about this, but we are making more money, which I see as a good thing for our people.

As we have a pirate problem in the system we wish to enter into our empire, I order an expansion of the fleet.

A few days later, the Pirates, who call themselves the Turvec Prowlers, (fitting, if unimaginative.) contact me about the location of an independent colony.

They seem to be a race of horrible reptile like creatures, but I do not have the money to pay them, so I ignore their request.

Six months of quiet follow, and while I wait for the ships of the new 1st Fleet to be finished, a few things happen, firstly, the Pirates offer the location of the colony world once more. And as the MINE act wants me to explore as much of the galaxy as possible, I pay them.

C5 is a way off, but we should be able to send a probe there at some point. The other news is that I have found the pirates home base.

As soon as the fleet is ready, I shall send them to Turvec to clear the world, then on to the Se'Claata Arm to eliminate this threat once and for all.

many things happen at once today, the first is that the Turvec Prowlers demand protection money from us.

The second is that the three destroyers, Cisco, Heavy Petting and Foreplay are completed.

1st Fleet is now ready to show these pirates what we think of bullys! The next event is that my policies of crash building ships pay off!

Lastly the Probe is off in the Se-Claata Arm, and has found some ancient machine like race.

These ancient machines have a base under construction out here, but its to far away at this time to be worried about.

It takes two months for 1st fleet to arrive at Turvec, but when they do, they arrive in force!

Almost immediately the destroyer Angry Doom flees the system.

Our ships shields don't seem to have properly recharged, but the fleet goes in, and the people of Turvec 2 see the mighty space battle from their gardens as the night sky lights up as beam lasers flare.

Accurate fire from the Hankypanky, Cisco and the Foreplay light up the pirate escort Cunning Prowler, her time in this world is short, and the Turvecians see a metor shower as bits of the ships burn up in the planetary atmosphere.

The other ship escapes with some damage. Our might has been proven to the Turvecians. I wait for our shields to recharge before ordering them off onto the pirate base.

Soon after sending off the dinopirates, we get a message from the machines.

Not wanting to anger a seemingly benign race, I humour them.

We are warned to ignore the strange buildings we find in space, do we trust these strange machines? I shall leave this to council, our scientists tell us that the could offer us huge bonuses, they thing that the Stone Fortress on Turvec 2 could boost planetary development by 25%!

The next two months see me ignore more threats by the Turvec Prowlers as my fleet travels across space towards their base. Then I get news that the first colony ship is completed, and I feel I am getting the hang of this empire running thing!

The Angry Doom is still active, attacking a mining base that has been built in the last two years.

Over Turvec, I order the E-1 to engage the Formidable Vendetta. These ships are evenly matched, but our escort ship has full shields, and should drive off the pirate with no problems.

1st fleet arrives at the pirate base, and finds it undefended.

This villainous outpost does not last long. It takes two weeks to blast through the shields of the station, but once we do, we wreak it quickly and collect a good amount of credits from the wreckage.

I also get word that the civilians have paid to construct a weapons research station orbiting the gas giant of Caraenda Prime 3. You can see the construction ship Fecund moving off to the top of this image.

The unfortunately named colony ship Yidagun's Ruse arrives at Turvec 2.

The Formidable Vendetta is still around, and tries to attack the unarmed ship, which contains thirty million of our people! The E-1 is still on station, and moves in to see off the pirate ship.

The already damaged escort soon flees, and our colony ship lands, the population of Turvec 2 welcoming our colonists. The planetary governor greets us, and the Rt Hon Simplefish welcomes us to her world.

Although untested, we are sure that she will be a great leader of the new world, now renamed Gravidas.

Our empire is expanding.

Time passes without issue, and soon our first trade transporter is arriving at Gravidas. Its bring with it all the luxuries the people of that world have been doing without.

Days later, we get the news that our first breakthrough has been completed, we can now build larger ships.

With no direction from council, I order the scientists to begin working on faster mining techniques.

As the end of this legislative session comes, 1st fleet arrives at Gravidas to refuel, this will take some time without a starbase, but there seems to be no other threats at this time.

We also develop the Moisture-seeking love missiles.

State of Paradise

Things are looking good in the Securan Paradise. Our population has increased by 1.5 billion, 311 Million of these are on Gravidas, but our own people continue to multiply. Our military strength is up 250 points, and our troops are up from 16 Divisions to 42 now.

Even with the construction of many ships, (twice as many civilian and other state, and four times as many military ships) we still have more money on hand than we did two years ago. Cashflow remains the same, but we are getting twenty thousand more credits a year now.

This highlights the explored worlds, and its a shame that in all these, we have found no worlds colonizable with our current research, and the scientists working on the continental worlds colonization program seem to be slacking off, with only 13% of the project complete. This may be because this is the only field we do not yet have a research base for.

In fact, the only worlds that we can colonize are the two Shandar worlds that are much further in towards the core, and they are reportedly unfriendly.

The are also to far from our lands to attempt colonization. Our xenolingists do insist that this world is the original home world of the Shandar race.

With that, I had things back over to you.

Let the second Legislative Session of the Securan Paradise begin

Please note, all riders must be approved by the main party.

As a note, so far, things are going well, the homeworld is fantastic, all three needed resources is a massive boost, finding more of our own people is also nice. the only downside is that we're in a star-poor area, and not expanding as much as I would like. On the other hand, we have two great planets, and lots of money.

I've also added a column for troop ships - get it filled!