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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 4: Session 2 - 2756-2758 - Home sweet homeworld.

The Pirate Happiness Education Act is enacted
"Play" with Pirates
High priority action for our fleets
Research Fighters

Unfortunately we have no pirates to play with at this time, so for now, I just redesign the destroyers to take advantage of the increased size and moisture seeking missiles.

With twice the firepower and twice the range, the Protector Class Destroyers will be a fine addition to our fleet. I order five of them to support the “High priority action for our fleets” section of the law. I add two troop transports as well, for future use.

We upgrade the existing ships to this pattern as well.

After the previous war, little happens for the first two months, as our scouts explore to the south of our empire.

Three months later, we decide we need an Admiral to command our fleet. ForeverBWFC, Captain of the Cisco, steps forward to take up the job.

Untested as yet, we have great hopes for this new commander.

Personally, I spend my time ordering more Colony ships, in the hope that we find new worlds to settle soon.

There seems to be a new pirate faction in the area, Gravidas sees the Formidable Vendetta once more.

Interestingly, there is also a number of independent ships, meaning there is another world with space travel nearby.
I ignore this for now, and order 1st fleet into action!

Another Cruel Invader ship arrives near one of our gas mining stations in the Se'Cleeta arm.

Two weeks later, and after months of Blockade by the pirate ship, 1st Fleet finally drop in right on top of the Formidable Vendetta.

This fine piece of stellar navigation leads to a short and fun filled (as mandated by law) life for the pirate ship.

This efficient exaction of duty shows Admiral Forever BWFC to be a natural leader.

While the last lot of pirates were some form of fearsome lizard, these are hideous bugs!

I ignore their request of course, I want to play with them, but I will not pay them for the pleasure!

We finally find a desert world, one suitible for our people to colonize, but it is a low quality world, and as well as some form of large tomb, there is also some form of giant space slug, which has already been given a name.

It is not the only form of space mollusc in the Tefnyl system, as the Probe (its always the Probe it seems) is soon fleeing from another varity.

The Serpent finally finds the pirate base, which is outside the range of our fleet! The cunning pirates are safe from the playful 1st fleet – for now at least.

I come to the decision that, if we are to ever move from our poorly populated section of the galaxy, we need a new colony closer to the core. I dispatch 1st Fleet to the Tefnyl system to clear out the local wildlife in preparation for the colonists.

This will strand the fleet there until we can get fuel mining operations up, but we have enough ships to protect the two worlds, and need to expand if we are to ever spread happiness across the galaxy!

The new year dawns, and we make a breakthrough in bringing fighters to our fleets.

High tech research still lags, and I have ordered the construction of a research station over Gravidas to speed things along. I then commit our weapons researchers to adding new forms of fighters to our arsenal.

Love is in the air, literally, as our race enters its fertile period. Its so nice to live in the paradise.

A short while later, two important events occur. The first is that we discover a vast debris field in the Kydunea system.

Unfortunately, it is to far south for us to reach. Beyond even the pirate base.

The second thing of import is the discovery of our homeworld!

Secura is far to our north. Highlighted here in pink.

The system is inhabited by our people, and of course, pirates!

They speak via radio with the leaders of the world.

Apparently the crew of the scout ship think that the “Great forgetting” involved lots and lots of drugs.
I quickly form 2nd Fleet, although it has two troop transports in it, it should still be enough to secure another world of our people.

The Probe discovers something else of interest.

Near Tefnyl, there seems to be a number of ships hanging around a supply base. This is a very interesting discover, but put the Probe crew feel uneasy about it.

The general consensus I felt was that we were to continue investigating these things, so I order the Probe in.

This turns out to be a very good idea, as we are able to bring it online, and it swells our coffers even more.

We then turn the explorer ships attention to the mothballed ships in the area.

This soon adds three destroyers to the fleet. We are told if we break these down, we could boost technology research speed, but they are ships of immense power.

I shall leave the decision up to council.

The Paikean Reserve station's sensors detect the Guardians moving around, and, more interestingly, a ship and station from another intersteller empire. I order the probe to move out and explore. The previous law for meeting new races still in place.

1st Fleet finally arrives at Tefnyl Junction to clear out the sand slug.

Even as they move to engage, they scan the tomb, they find maps to the surrounding areas.

The slug does not last long, and the way is soon clear for our colony ship.

The planet of Fuchsia is added to the Paradise.

This gives us a southern base, but travel between the two areas takes months.

At the same time, the alien race we detected make formal contact.

The Guild of Free Adventurers seems to be made up of the same race who's home world we discovered some years ago. They too follow the Utopian Paradise way of government, and they seem to have three colonies and 116 billion subjects. Their military strength however, is near a third of ours.

It seems that just meeting the Guild causes the people on Shandar to be better disposed towards joining the Paradise, but do we send a colony ship there or not?

The new year comes around, and to celebrate the end of a successful session, we bring the home world back into the fold.

Another 175 million Securans are added to the Paradise. Another happy world, bringing our numbers to 148 billion. The bulk of them living in the pleasure towers of Barbarella.

As the session ends, please accept this loving summery of the state of paradise.

The economy continues to grow, but with the new worlds only recently added to the empire, the private sector has not expanded to take advantage of the situation yet.

The Paradise is spread across a large part of space, but we still do not know what other races can be found in the core.

The rate of exploration is still good, with our exploration ships now having two colonies they can now refuel at.

It seems that the civilians have also built a high tech research station, so I am now hoping for the breakthrough in continental colonization during the next session, it is currently at 48%.

1st fleet has refueled at Fuchsia, which took some time due to the lack of starbase, and is now off to play with pirates.

Checking the leaders of our race, I find that the Rt. Hon. Simplefish is having a few problems running Gravitas. Although she is still a popular leader.

Finally I check the relative power of the two great empires. It seems that the Guild are further towards their goals than our analysts say we are. Then again, we have no resort bases yet.

I hear by open up the third session of the Securan Paradise!