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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 5: Session 3 - 2758-2760 -Meeting new peoples

The Emergency Happiness Stimulus Program was passed.

Improve Relations with Guild of Free Adventurers; forge Free Trade Agreement, obtain maps
Build Resorts at sites of historical interest (and high tourism value)
Build as many mines as possible near luxury resources.

We begin to improve relations with a sizable gift. We have plenty of money, so there is no reason not to buy the friendship of the Guild.

I then turn my attention to the scenic locations we have found.

The only one of these I discount is the core most one, as it is a way out of our protective zone. The others I begin to build upon. I also order more construction ships to speed up this process.

We run into another race.

The Most Serene Interplanetary Republic seems to be nothing of the sort, a despot rules the three colonies, and they seem to be numerous and with a decent fleet.

The contact was made between Secura and Barberella.

We then get information that we have made a breakthrough in engines, I order the scientists to begin work on improving our slow slow hyperdrives. Our people get board travelling between our pleasure worlds! (note, ALL our worlds are pleasure worlds.)

I decide it is time to expand our fleet, the first cruisers are commissioned.

Our ships arrive to deal with the base of the Cruel Invaders – its time to play!

The Most Serene Interplanetary Republic seems not to want to play.

I have no idea what backstabbing they are talking about, so far this is the first official communiqué we have had from them!

Ignoring the strange aliens, we continue to play with Pirates, we're having so much fun that the Pirates call two of their ships to come in and join the party!
The fighting brings another prominent Captain to the fore.

Admiral Slipperyflesh is dispatched to lead 2nd Fleet, we shall see how she fairs.

Meanwhile, the two pirate vessels do not last long against 1st Fleet.

Second fleet destroys another pirate vessel using the new moisture seeking missiles.

We also receive world from the guild that they to have reclaimed their home world. We send them congratulations, and more money.

Meanwhile the Republic end their pointless trade sanctions.

Forever BWFC continues her good work.

The Paikean base refits some of our ships to the newer designs.

We have also identified the Guardians home system.

We discover another lost world. Our old empire must have been huge!

We of course send a fleet to drive off the pirate ships that seems to always hang around these lost worlds, and a colony ship to return the world to he Paradise.

In the mean time, we finish research on the new interceptor type.

The three pirate ships flee as our fleet arrives. We move in to colonize the world.

This is just to regroup it seems, as the pirates are soon back.

A general melee breaks out over the moon of Aclui.

Two of the pirate ships flee, and we receive aid from the Rutbah 006, a Republic destroyer. The colony ship arrives, and the people of the newly renamed Shub-Niggurath welcome out people with open arms, and warn us not to go into the woods alone. That last bit is something of a mystery to us.

It seems that the Republic has been trading with the populace, and we hope that this will continue.

We being construction of starbases over all our worlds, and then see off another pirate with the aid of two Republic ships.

These engagements give us a good idea of Admiral Slipperyflesh's capabilities.

Relations with the Guild are improved to the point where we can barter for their galaxy maps.

It seems that they have a collection of closely linked worlds, compared to the more sprawling Paradise.

They respond with a flurry of diplomatic responses.

Their maps show one system that has two worlds of interest to us, and I send colony ships to take them.

We gain our first genius level scientist. Tarbrush is such a star in the Paradise that all others are inspired to do great works.

The Grasping Navigator finds another pirate base, but the Republic is already playing with it.

After nearly six years of research, we can finally colonise continental worlds. The increased moisture problems have been solved!

This gives us many more options. I send ships to all of the worlds that we can easily get to, two of these are in our home system. I also notice we are suffering a crippling shortage of carbon fibre.

I order the construction ships to build mining bases, but it seems that most of the sources of Carbon are to be found near guild space. Thank Kark we have mining rights from them!

We also gain the services of a General.

The Republic colonise a world near Shub-Nigguruth. This is the first world of theirs we know about.

Now for the summery.

Everything in our empire continues to rise, our population going up 300 million or so in just two years, and the massed expansion is still to come, with numerous colony ships on route to their destinations.

The civilian sector has exploded, over doubling in the last two years, and they have even more cash in hand, as do we. In the Paradise, everyone is rich!

The Galaxy looks different now, with two other empires sharing this sector of space with us. But there is still much more to explore.

The Trading of maps is helping, but we still don't know much about the galaxy beyond our

Research is speeding up, now we have a led scientist.
Here is the more detailed empire comparison.

As you can we see, we lead or are at least competitive in everything.

We have four of the top ten colonies, but the Guild have five. The Republic have none, and should be pitied for it. (note, this may be because we only know one of their worlds, and its newly colonized. But hey, lets not let technicalities get in the way!)

So, what do we want to do? We do have an intelligence agent we can use to steal maps and technologies, as well as numerous sabotage missions. We are also expanding a bit more now, but still need to unlock a number of other worlds to make the most of our space.

The Fourth Session of the Securan Paradise is now open!