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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 6: Session 4a- 2760 - Trade disputes

The Commuting Isn't Fun act is passed!

Space Ports at all sufficiently developed colonies
Build (at least one) Resupply Ship/Mobile Base thingy
Investigate Construction and Hyperdrive technologies, with Research Stations, too, if practical
Steal maps and technologies from the Republic
Seek trade agreements with both known empires

I am unable to build a resupply ship, as we currently lack the technology to do so. I do send Veloxyll off on a mission to steal the Republic's Galaxy maps.

The Guild are happy to sign a free trade agreement with us.

The Republic snub us once more. They seem to be very touchy about their trade.

The first couple of months of the session pass peacefully, then the Republics trade fixation shows again.

A month later, we gain quicker hyper drives.

This is a increase in speed from 12000 to 15000 and a two second reduction in jump preparation (our time, not theirs). I begin work on prefab construction research, and upgrade all the ship designs (military and civilian) to use this new hyperdrive.

We then hear that the Republic are upping their game, and blockading Shub-Niggurath! Iimmeriatly Reinforce 2nd fleet and send them to break this blockade.
My advisor’s suggest I expand the fleet, and I agree.

The scout Crawling-for-you finds what I assume is the Republics homeworld.

Our first colony ship arrives in Daloria Trakean.

At the same time, the Republic comes to its senses, and backs down.

Crimson is soon added to the Paradise.

This spreads us to the south once more.

But brings with it some problems, in the time between us scouting the system, dispatching the colony ship and it arriving, the Guild have set up operations in a system now claimed by us!

These two mining bases could cause us some serious diplomatic trouble!

Time passes quietly, and we finish our missile bomber designs. I start our scientists on improving the armour on our ships.

I am going to have to call an emergency session of the council!

The Guild have declared war on us! Of course, they claim that we are the aggressors here, but we all know of their lies.

Thankfully, 2nd fleet is on station at Shub-Niggurath! They are low on fuel, but are loaded with troops and ready to go! They have even picked up General Shanky Burns!

We do have an advantage over the Republic in military strength, but our first fleet is far to the south, and we are still short on critical carbon fibre for the construction of our ships.

Emergency Council Session

Do we :

Attack the enemy – and try and conquer their worlds.
Fight defensively – and only respond to their attacks.
Sue for peace our relations are only -1, and a fee of 71,000 credits should end the war. We have half a billion credits at this time.

You have 24 hours, then we shall return to the session.