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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 7: Session 4b - 2761 - Paying for peace

Emergancy Session Result – Pay for peace!

It costs us 80,000 credits, but we end this pointless war with the Republic.

And now the weird bat things like us a little.

With peace upon us, our people get frisky once more.

Two days later, Agent Veloxyll brings us the Republic's galaxy map.

Veloxyll is an active agent, but could, with some training be a good counter espionage agent.

I send her right back out to steal Ion weapons from the Republic, as mandated by law. I then trade our maps with the Guild, giving them knowledge of Republic space.

Our colony ship arriving at the second desert moon in Daloris Trekea is driven off by some horrible space beast.

First fleet is right behind, but Admiral Forever BWFC orders the fleet to charge in without tactics, this leads to the Hankypanky being badly mauled by the Kaltors claws before being destroyed.

There are mutterings about the Admiral's fitness to lead.

While dealing with another kaltor in the same system, news comes to us we have met another race.

The Goontopia are a race of fishlike creatures call the Haakonish, who are a mercantile people. They do not understand us yet, but they will soon be friendly enough towards us. Their empire is of comparable size to ours.

We encountered them near the Se'Cleeta Arm between the Guild and the Republic.

They seem to be fairly militaristic, as we soon get information that they are attacking someone, who, we do not know.

Snoo Snoo becomes our latest colony. This is in the same system as Crimson, and shall give us a good bastion to the south.

Another high tech research station comes online.

The first space port, the one above Gravidas, comes online as well.

The Guild continue to improve our relations with a small gift. But its the thought that counts.

We swap maps with them again, and find the first Goontopia world and that the Guild are moving south as well.

Modesty precludes me from mentioning this every time, but I have been steadily improving my skills.

Here we go again.....

At least our Admirals are getting better. 1st fleet will refuel and move north. Second fleet is fuelled and on station.

This brings the session to a close. We averted a costly war, and now it is time to look at our situation.

Its been a good two years, two new colonies and ten million more people.

The economy continues to grow, if the cash flow is a little lower, then we have 40 more ships. We also have huge amounts of money on hand.

The galaxy is filling up, and without the Goontopia's maps, we do not know how far they spread.

Exploration continues to go well.

Here are the worlds that we can colonise, I shall wait for directions from council on weather we should push into the worlds between the Guild and the Republic.

Our current colonies are all looking good, although Fuchsia is dependant on outside funds to maintain a good standard of living.

Here are the empire comparisons.

The top colonies have been rewritten once more.

Finally, here are our stocks and potential colonies, sorted by range from our capital. We are now good for Carbon fibre, and I have already ordered the construction of new mining bases for steel and gold.

All in all, things are looking good.

The fifth session is now open!