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Part 8: Session 5a - Here we go again....

The Rampant Growth! bill has been passed! the fifth session is now closed!

The Rampant Growth! Bill has been passed!

Build and deploy a full-size 3rd fleet, with a capital flagship if possible. Research to acquire cap-ship technology is authorized.
Recruit maximum number of intelligence operatives; set them to counter-espionage for now to build their skills up and stop other species from ruining our fun!
Try to get a Trade Agreement and Map Exchange with all non-hostile species encountered. Gift appropriately.

We begin the session by sending a large gift to the Goontopian representative. They seem to like money, as this patches up the relationship quickly!

We then pay off the Republic to lift their petty trade sanctions.

Lastly, I commission a new 3rd Fleet, while costly, this will bring our defensive capabilities to a all time high.

Veloxyll returns from his mission with the plans for Ion Weapons.

The Republic has already taken a world we dispatched a colony ship to, I retask the Cowering Aspiration to another world.

We research marshy world colonization, and the first resort base, named the stately Royal Encounter, is completed. People will soon start flocking to this base for as many royal encounters as they can pack into a long weekend.

Soon after, the Shub-Niggurath star port is competed.

The escorts begin to be completed for 6th fleet, but we are nowhere near ready when the Republic once more declare war upon us.

They want another 71,000 credits to end the war, but I have to go to council.

I forgot to order 1st Fleet to move north, but 2nd Fleet is refuelled.

As before, we have a slight advantage in military power, but without 1st fleet, they have a local supremacy.

Emergency Session

Do we

Sue for peace?
Fight defensivly
Go on the offensive (once 1st fleet is on station)

Council, you have 24 hours.