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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 9: Session 5b - 2762-2764- Things go wrong

The Emergency Session votes for total war.

I send 1st fleet home to pick up some extra troops. They seem to have none. Personally, inform the construction crews that we are now at war, and their porn will be rationed to speed construction.

Things got from bad to worse when a Securian comes from the darkest woods of Shub-Niggurath with some new and virulent killer STD strain.

I decide to move our fleet out and attack, to prevent their infection buy this disease, but they have been gone not a week when the Republic's 1st fleet jumps into the system and begins their attack.

The new spaceport does not last long. Two days later, 2nd fleet arrives to engage the enemy fleet. The first large scale battle of the Securan Paradise begins. This is thirteen of our ships against 15 of theirs.

As this battle rages, Shogeton lands a colony ship to found Slaanesh. (we've been oddly lucky in getting colony governors at the same time as we get the persons colony.)

Over Shub-Niggurath, the battle rages in a chaotic malestrom. We lose two ships, while the enemy lose two of their own.

Then our fleet's shields collapse, and several ships explode at once. The enemy land forces and we lose Shub-Niggurath.

They landed 20 Divisions of troops, the four Dark Young Divisions on planet had no chance of holding them off. What parts of the fleet who can retreat do so, but many ships have had their hyperdrives knocked out.

Upon one of those ships was our Admiral, Slipperyflesh.

The four remaining ships of 2st Fleet flee for home, and report that the enemy fleet is heading towards Barbarella!

The enemy seem to have abandoned the floating wreaks of the destroyer This Train and the frigate Penetrator.

We finally colonize Fuzzyville, one of the continental worlds in our home system.

The battered remains of 2nd Fleet arrives bat at Yidagun.

The enemy’s fleet arrives at Yidagun, and begins to attack one of our mining stations. Our 3rd fleet is nearly finished, but needs time to assemble.

Civilian ships flee the system.

Two of our escorts, E-18 and E-7 attempt to make a assassination attempt on the enemy flagship, but it jumps from the system as they break through their shields.

This causes the entire enemy fleet to flee the system! These two ships may just have saved the homeworld!

As we are spread thin, I order the construction of a defence platform around every one of our world.

3rd Fleet arrives to defend the homeworld.

I then order replacements for 2nd Fleet's losses.

We make a breakthrough in enhanced storage, a pre war research initiative, but it does bring with it a rather large scientist.

I begin work on better targeting computers for our ships.

I am forced to wait months for 3rd Fleet to assemble, load troops and refuel, but getting them together has taken more time than I would have liked.

We colonize the other continental world in the Yidagun system, and gain another colony governor.

Takanago seems to have joined us from the Guild. He should be useful, and has taken up control of the newly renamed Comfy.

We seem to have a fairly large population of Shandar in the Paradise – thirty million of them have migrated into the Daloria Trakea system – but our peoples reproduction rate will keep them in the minority. For now, we are assimilating them, but this can change with the council's orders.

Some of our people have migrated across the border as well, and the Guild also has large populations of races called Teekan and Ketarov. It seems that the Ketarov come from a marshy world in the Sirmirea system.

We finally trade for the maps with the Goontopians. This reveals their entire empire, and that they have contact with another race, known as Placens Aduleri. Another empire of Haakonish who we know the Goons have been at war with previously.

The smug looking Goon ambassador turns down our request for a free trade agreement. I suddenly realise that we have yet to deploy our own Ambassador! Internet Kracken is sent to the Goon homeworld.

The two active fleets move out. We need to get back into this war!

We improve the size of our ships, and for next session, I shall resign our ships to take advantage of this. For now, I order our scientists to work on improving our shields, they gave out to quickly over Shub-Niggurath, and we need to fix this problem.

On the last day of the session, the improved targeting system is also completed, the upgrades can begin.

Now for our catch up. With the exception of military strength, our losses have matched our gains for this session.

The fleets have all increased, but the cash flow has fallen somewhat, both we and the civilians have a large amount of cash on hand however.

Our view of the galaxy is ever expanding. We now know of four other empires in space, and are at war with one of them!

We still only know about a quarter of the galaxy however, and there is much still to learn.

I have already shown the colonies, here is the resources and potential colonies. We are currently burning through steel as we replace and expand our fleet, but we have a large stockpile, and can carry on like this for a long while.

We have three colony ships tasked with bringing in new worlds, but these do not include the low quality colonies, I have been avoiding these for now.

Thankfully, this mass construction program has brought our military strength above that of the Republic's.

Barbarella is still the second greatest world in the Galaxy. Finally, as I know someone will ask, the Republic has hiked the price of peace, they no want nearly a million credits in reparations.

With that I declare the sixth Session of the Securian Paradise Open.

Kark help us!