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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 10: Session 6a - 2764-2766 - A Most successful war.

The Desperate Measures act has passed!

Ally with the Guild of Free Adventurers
Reclaim Shub-Niggurath
Take control of a Republic planet to pressure them into peace
Research in the Energy & Construction Tree shall focus on increasing HyperDrive speed.

Here are the new designs for our ships.

I apparently am not allowed to build carriers, so those will have to wait, but for now, these ships are a massive improvement on the previous models. I begin to refit 2nd fleet to the new designs. This is a quick way to massively increase the firepower of the fleet, and over the next few months, the ships are rapidly brought up to speck.

Our 1st fleet approaches its target, meanwhile, we improve our armour. All ships will later be redesigned to make use of this, but for now, it has taken four months to refit most of the 2nd fleet, and I can't afford to wait another four for a small upgrade like this.

I start research on ion weapons. I thought that our agent had stolen these, but the plans he took were incomplete.

Our 1st fleet arrives, and finds two republic fleets in system.

We engage them, but their cruisers are scary, the Wailing Rampages fire-power matches our entire fleet! I order 1st fleet to get the hell out of there.

Some of our ships make it out, but the Cisco, containing Admiral Forever BWFC only manages to jump a short distance before her hyper drive gives out, and the enemies fleet bears down on her.

The result is inevitable.

3rd Fleet arrives over Shub-Niggurath and engages the enemy ships here.

There destroyers are fire power 35, so the Wailing Rampage may be a reconditioned cruiser, as it is so much more powerful than anything else the Republic are fielding. While dealing with the fleet, we unload troops onto our colony, only to find the enemy have a large number of troops on the world, and have shipped in millions of their own people in just a short time.

After two months of fighting, we have destroyed the enemy fleet, and then the Wailing Rampage jumps into the fight on her own.

The entire fleet lays into here, she may be a powerful ship, but on her own, she is a single vessel.

Just as we reduce her shields, she jumps out, but she had tanked the entire fleets fire-power for over a month beforehand. During this time, the rest of the Republic's fleet has jumped in and is savaged.

As the battle for Shub-Niggurath continues, Goontopia enters the war.

Soon after, we reclaim our world from the Republic. Over six million of their people were killed in this action, but none of ours were harmed. Those left happily join our engine and begin working for us.

I trade with the Placens Adulteri, and gain their galaxy maps. There is another race on the far side of the galaxy.

The Tyrant Lizards are a good sized empire, but to far off to worry about now. Days later, the Placens Adulteri also declaire war on the Republic, who seem bad at making friends.

The Republic know they are in trouble, but I am not going to give them peace without making them pay for their aggression. The change in the fortunes of the war come just as our people get frisky once more.

We colonize Fecundia, this world is close to Republic space, but I doubt that the republic will be bothering us any time soon.

3rd Fleet is now above Beta Kapola, and engaging the enemy ships.

They have another of those scary cruisers, the Capredur Prime Sovereign – but the fleet combines to take her down, during this, one of our high ranked Shandar displayed great talent and is promoted to Admiral.

Ouroborus is not so good at the combat aspect yet, but is great at defence and redeployment. The Wailing Rampage jumps into the system and is engaged by the whole fleet.

Once more, it quickly jumps out once more, and we are left to siege the enemy system.

We make a breakthrough in Ion Weapons, I work on improving our blasters.

Soon after, we bring Beta Kapola 1 into the fold.

All the other races refuse to improve their relationships with us, despite the lavish gifts I have been sending them.

We also discover more silicon on Snoo Snoo.

Another fleet jumps in over Beta Kapola, and we engage it.

We see them off, destroying half of them. This combat improves our Admiral's skills.

We upgrade our shields, and I begin work on improving our hyperdrives.

The Republic once more offer peace, and this time we accept. Although they insist on saying WE offered peace first.

As peace returns, our scouts find a archotech cruiser in the Tucmea system.

We board and quickly bring it online.

Like the old cruisers we saw the Republic using, the Growling Executioner is worth many of our ships. I order her to our nearest world.

This brings the sixth session of the Securan Paradise to an end.

Our population has increased by 600 million, of which, 181 million are non Securans. All other numbers have stayed about the same.

While we lead in nothing, we are not last in anything. In fact, overall we are well respected in the galaxy and watch our fleet increase in size. We have less money on hand, due to massed constructions and lavish gifts to our friendlier neighbours.

At least we now have the most effective fleet.

And Barbarella is still the shining light of the galaxy, bar the Guardians world.

The galaxy continues to fill up.

Our knowledge of the galaxy expands as well. Finally I turn to our worlds.

Shub-Niggurath has had a hard few years, two invasions and a plague has reduced the population from 30 million Securans to 16 million, and 11 million Ikkoru.

Finally, we have six worlds queued up for colonization. We also have no large demands at this time.

The Seventh session is now open!