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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 12: Session 7 - 2766-2768 - a constructive peace.

The Rich Bitches Economic Stimulus Plan has been passed!

Establish FTA with everyone, if possible
Bring our resorts up to speed
Find new resource supplies
Research increased ship size.
Research Holographic Entertainent

I begin by ordering the construction of five more research bases. Some of the scenic locations are to far into enemy territory, but I am using every one I can.

No one will sign a free trade agreement, so I just begin the session.

The first large spaceport is completed.

I also “Release the Kraken” and send our ambassador to the home world of the Placians Adulteri. This should help us get the free trade agreement.

Most of the work is the replacement and refitting of ships, although the Republic do finally finish one of their wars.

We are soon joined by GrabbinPeels, a new intelligence agent.

The peace does not last long.

Although the Republic are able to barter another one with the Placens Adulteri.

We discover a couple of pirate bases, and a interesting garden, untouched by time. Its is far to the south, but the world is a desert one, and it may well be worth colonizing it for the happyness of our people!

With this in mind, I order the repair and refuelling of the fleets, readying them to play with pirates.

I have to question the effectiveness of our scouts, as they seem to have missed a capital ship floating above a world we have designated for colonisation.

The colonists quickly bring this ship online, and our fleet grows once more. Soon afterwards, Jaxxxon Vale is added to the paradise.

We complete another research base. People will flock to the Luxury Palace for a great tan.

Life amongst the unfun is hard, but Ambassador Kracken is learning to cope with it.

No one will sign a free trade agreement with us though.

Another world is added to the Paradise.

Venusia is a marshy moon, but will still be of use to us.

The new hyperdrives are ready, and I begin work on increasing our ship sizes.

Internet Kracken finally convinces the Placens that a trade agreement is a good idea. I move him on to the Republics home world.

Looking around our worlds on the borders of our space, I notice that we are seeing a large amount of immigration.

It seems the captain of our newly discovered cruisier decided to deal with the pirate base on his own.

Having blown it up, they discover the location of another of our lost colonies! Unfortunately sector E9 is to far way for us to reach.
Just days later, we discover Paakri Major 4. this world has a huge population of Shandar. To our surprise, as soon as we discover them, they declare that they are joining the Paradise!

2.2 Billion Shandar makes Paakri Major the second most populous world in the Paradise, behind Barbarella's 17 billion.

Simplefish's skills continue to improve. And after 30,000 credits of gifting, the Republic finally sign a free trade agreement.

Soon the Eighth session ends, and I prepare the briefing for the council.

Our population has increased by three billion, and we have added four more worlds to our empire. It is interesting to note that our population now contains three billion non Securans, who are helping our people with their own skills. We also have a large number of trade agreements now.

Colony revenue has increased, but we are losing a large amount of money a year. On the other hand, we are getting more than enough bonus income to keep us going.

The only non happy world is Paakri Major, but this may well only be because we have not been able to ship our luxuries to them yet.

Although Barbarella has been knocked off the top spot, we do have a second planet on the list now.

Of all the empire we know of, only the Deep Ones (red) will not share their maps with us. We could attempt to steal them, however.

The 9th Session is now open