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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 13: Session 8 - 2768-2770 - Colony Fever!

The Status Quo Act was passed!

Put a halt on new recruiting/construction until the economy recovers to a point where it is consistently turning a profit and the Empire has a surplus.
Complete all current projects.
Send medium or large gifts to all races when fiscally feasable.

With this in mind, I also take into account some of the other suggestions, and return all inactive constructers to civilian control.

We are still finding the odd ancient structure.

Takanago is now well known for his lawful rule of the planet Comfy.

We colonize another world, there is one more colony ship on the move, but law forbids me from expanding any further for now.

We expand our docking bay capacity.

I then get to work on holographic entertainment, which I skipped last time over a confusion.

I also send Agent GrabbinPeels out to steal the Deep Ones map, as suggested but not voted upon by council. This is a year long mission for our agent.

Our scouts find another world of interest. It seems that the Ugnaris all hid during the great catastrophe that overtook the galaxy, and have only now been awakened.

Although I am forbidden to construct new ships, I cannot allow this world to be left alone, and I am sure that council would agree that these peaceful rodents need to be brought into the Paradise.

Especially as it seems that their fleet is mothballed at the edge of the system!

It seems that the Ugnari had been working on a powerful weapon before the war overtook their world, and it seems that this weapon could be finished even now.

We start reactivating the ships, and the Wailing Banshee is soon active.

Active and killing off the local fauna.

The slugs are soon dealt with, and we gain a new scientist. Turkey Bro is a Haakonish who has a wide skill base.

Some more of the starbases come online, the one at Crimson is so large that it is nearly the same size as the planet it orbits!

Of course, finishing these projects plunges our income to -109k a year. Thankfully, bonus income keeps us in the black.

We colonize another moon. It is always good to bring another system into our fold, but I understand that the expense is mounting.

We have a breakthrough holographic entertainment a few months later. This is due to studying the works left to us by the great Kark.

Things do not seem to be going well for the Republic, their gift is tiny, but at least they end one of their wars.

I then notice that the Guild is dealing with a pirate base, while GrabbingPeels makes it home successfully.

I would have dealt with this base, if my scouts had told me about it. For now, the Haakonish get to play with them.

I then turn to the expanded galaxy maps.

We find all of the Deep One's territory, but there is no news of new species, and still the bottom right quarter of the galaxy is a mystery to us. At least we understand the capabilities of Agent GrabbinPeels now.

The Guild has moved quicker than we have, and the Ugnari at Dagru have joined their empire, taking the world destroying base with them. This could be a worrying development.

Days later, we learn that there is a outbreak of Merturov at Huggistan, and is hitting our world. We can only watch as the population is left to weather this viral storm.

Things go from bad to worse on Huggistan, as millions die in just days.

Thankfully, we are soon able to distract our population with new holographic entertainment.

While I would normally not deal with pirates, the chance of expanding our trade network it to good to miss.

Now this can't be good.

The Bugs are massive, 26 colonies, 38 billion peope and three races we have never contacted before. And they hate us.

This worrying discovery brings the ninth session to an end.

Our numbers have changed little in the last two years. Unfortunately, even the civilians are losing money now. We should see this improving slowly now, as trade picks up. We are still getting plenty of money for trade, space port taxes and fun taxes.

With the exception of Huggistan, our colonies are doing well. The three hundred tax dodgers on Fuchsia still refuse to pay their way however.

The arrival of the Bugs has massively changed the balance of power. They are beating us in everything, and we are now no longer the dominant force in the galaxy.

The top worlds have not changed, but only because we have no idea where the Bugs actually are! Somewhere out there is their massive empire. We just need to find it.

They still have a large amount of space to hide in.

The Tenth Session is now open.

And you guys have plenty to discuss!