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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 14: Session 9 - 2770-2772 - Austerity Measures.

The With Friends Like These Act has been passed!

Upgrade all viable free trade agreements to defense pacts
Improve relationship with the Tyrant Lizards
Try and befriend the bugs
Increase scouting operations
Defeat pirates to increase reputation

I start by granting mining rights in our space to our neighbours, it matters little, and may get them to like us more – plus if they have bases in our space, they may well be interested in protecting them. Four more scouts are ordered.

Disaster strikes, the plague spreads to Gravidas, one of our more populous worlds! This world currently has 808 Million Securans on it.

A week later, a hundred and fifty million of our people are dead.

Over the next week, another hundred and fifty million die. I order all our our starbases refitted. This includes better armour and ten times the medical centres that they had before.

While we wait for the Gravidas star base to upgrade, millions die every day. I also order one built over Barberella and Secura. The thought of this virulent plague hitting our populous worlds is beyond thinking!

We also discover another Desolation moon partially constructed, as well as some more mothballed ships we are now reactivating.

This one is between the three other major powers, but I still send for a colony ship to cease the world, but the only world we can grab is volcanic, so the Shandar of our empire will need to build the ship.

We find a Pirate base, and 1st fleet is sent to deal with it.

The Plague finally ends at Gravidas, but the world has more corpses than people now, and it will be a long time until this world recovers.

Months pass peacefully, and another intelligence agent joins the now bustling espionage scene.

The Guild try and sell us weapons technology, but with our finances hurting from losing 99% of the population of one of our few tax generating worlds, I have to decline.

They do agree to the mutual defence pact however!

We swap territory maps with the goons.

We also discover two Bug worlds, mainly due to the Guild sharing their maps with us in real time.

1st fleet arrives at the Gamblers Hideout, and we also run into another race, calling themselves the League of Esteemed Gentlemen.

While the fleet destroy the pirates, Governor Simplefish begins his “hey, at least you survived the plauge!” Happyness campaign, which goes down well with all three of his remaining voters.

The League tries to get us to block trade with the Bugs, but law prevents me from accepting their request, even if I thought it was a good idea.

Some of our research completes.

While the Goons go to war with their neighbours the Placens. Maybe this is an attempt to unify the species.

We soon finish a defence project started years ago when we were at war.

Months pass, and all I can do is watch our finances get worse and worse.

Then the Bugs help out. Yeah, thanks guys. Well, lets look at the damage.

On the good side, we are on good terms with everyone but the Bugs. Soon we shall find where the League is based.

Money wise, things have been better.

Yeah, please don't look at that to hard, unless we are willing to make big cuts, then things are not going to get better for us. I may be time to axe one of the fleets.

Our colonies are doing well, barring those hit by plague.

Worryingly, we don't have the worst economy. I hate to think what the others below us are like. Also the new Teekan empire is above us now.

At least Barberlla has not been wiped out by a plague.

Look at this map, and tell me what we must do!