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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 15: Session 10 - 2772-2774 - The great recession.

The Mo' Money, Mo' Fun Act Has been passed

Scale back military as per Ilanin's recommendation. Leave Starbases as they are, but revert the massive med-center excess.


Military expenditures are to be reduced to at most 66% of income by the end of the session, prioritising the least effective ships and those defensive bases furthest from the front lines. (currently 95%, as I said)
Expenditure on Space Ports is to be reduced to at most 27% of income by the end of the session, to be managed to reduce the economic impact of the drawdown. (currently 39%)
Such other activities as can be afforded should have as their primary priority promoting colonial growth.

Focus research on the next Mining and Commerce tiers.

Assign Diplomat to the Republic, work on relations with a view towards future trade.
Decomission Defense Bases on South border with Guild.

Velvet Revolution: use espionage to overthrow the Republic's government and bring it more in line with our own

The list of ships order to retire is to long to list here, but it is a large number of ships. As for the Velvet Revolution: Agent GrabbinPeels is our only competent psyops operative, and even with a year to work, he is not 100% confident that he can bring the dictatorship to its knees.

Byte S is sent to Arnea to ferment a revolution there as well. This is the easiest system for him to hit.

As the deficit falls from 200k to 142k, the bugs open up trade as well.

I also try and encourage the people of Barbarella to move to our new colonies – there is no more space on the home world!

The Guild's 1st fleet arrives at Slaanesh to refuel, we allow them, but charge them – there is a recession on you know.

We also run into another race, the Stupid Eflings.

The Atuuk seem to be a numerous and friendly race, and we will soon be friends I feel.

We are now only losing 54K a year, and we have stripped the military down to the bone.

I get the feeling that Agent Peels is not being as subtle as I would like. That or the Republic has seen our disarmament as weakness. Thankfully, the Adulteri are their first target.

It should be remembered that the Republic is much smaller than it was the last time we faced them, and even with the smaller fleets, we are protected by the ships of the guild.

Who also like giving us money.

I also get us a whole load of petty cash, as the League after a 15k gift, are more than happy to buy our galaxy maps off us, we get theirs as well, but the profit is all ours.

This gives us all their space, as well as what I assume is most of Bug space and most of Erfling space.

The republic end their trade restrictions. Out outgoings stay at a loss of 50,000 credits a year.

As the new year rolls around, Agent Peels is unsuccessful, while Agent Byte S is successful in his smaller role.

Unfortunately, Arnea, which is on our border, is also under martial law, with the Republic's 3rd Strike force in orbit.

It is odd that Byte S was successful, as he is really only suited for counter espionage.

Agent Peels is sent out once more.

The Tyrant Lizards begin a war on the Deep Ones.

While we break through in EMP defences.

Disaster! Agent Peels has been captured! This is soon followed by a public execution and a drop in relations with the Republic!

We secure the second Desolation moon.

Our Shandar citizens have made a home on the warm planet of Hedonism, and should flourish there.

Days later, the Guild make war upon Goontopia.

We then have a mass scientific breakthrough.

I make sure that Enhanced Commerce is the next thing researched. Around this time, we find another colony of Shandar asleep after the great war.

As allies of the Guild, the Goons take the war out on us.

The last few months see two more of our large space stations completed.

The Session ends, and I see how our austerity measures have helped

Ten million more people and another colony. Things are looking fairly good.

I've cut the deficit to one quarter what it was, and the civilians are back on track with their funds as well.
We are still third, with the only one of our special goals unfulfilled being the need for more treaty’s.

With the discovery of the larger empires, Barbarella has dropped down the list of top colonies.

Our knowledge of space is fantastic now, with little of the galaxy unknown to us.

Now only an area in the core is unknown to us, and trading maps with the Erflings may well fill in that gap.

Once more, I hand the fate of the Paradise over to you.