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Part 16: Session 11 - 2774-2776 - Building back

Getting Securans to all the Right Places

Increase taxes on Barbarella by 5%
Expand the fleet slowly as income increases
Make sure all our colonies have access to Wiconium, Natarran Incense and Osalia, inasmuch as we can do so without going broke

Taxes are hiked on Barberella. This immediately reduces our losses fomr 50k to 25k a year.

My Civilian advisors desire a research facility on Secura 3. I have 600,000 in the bank, and decide to humour them.

The Stupid Erflings decide to trade their valuable Korabbian Spice with us! This will really help our people on the worlds the spice flows to!

I then trade Galaxy maps, and once more, we make a huge amount of money off the trade.

This shows us the last parts of the galaxy that we have yet to see, and all of the Erfling territory, although the colour they have chosen is hard to see against the background our cartographers insist on using.

We have discovered two more pirate bases, so I send 1st fleet, the largest with 19 ships, to play with them.

We discover another ancient battlefield. Space is all but littered with these.

I also see that the Erflings have grown to like us enough to sign a free trade agreement. Things are looking up for our future with these simple creatures.

They are stupid however, as they want to trade territory maps with us. When they have our entire galaxy map. I agree of course, anything to keep them happy.

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Soonafter, the Adulteri - Goon war ends.

Our Torpedo research is complete.

It seems that the Shandar empire of old chose hiding as their preferred method of surviving the war, as we find yet another of their worlds.

The Wanderlust has found this one, and it has 200 million Shandar inhabiting it – I have ordered a colony ship to bring it into the fold, as I do for every inhabited world we find.

We have not refitted our ships in a while, and the advisors suggest we do so now, with near 900 million in the bank, I agree. This will hurt our income a little, but will improve our fleets.

The First Date investigates another ruin, but this one is a trap!

Thankfully, the pirates focus on the Guardians' mining base, and our scout escapes unharmed.

The Goons end their trade sanctions, thanks to my honeyed words.

This lasts for a whole two weeks, before they figure out all of my veiled insults. Their smarter than I thought!

The League give us Lorus Fruit and the offer of free trade.

This will help us greatly, we are now only losing 14,000 credits a year, and that is before bonus income!

Another scientist joins the cause.

MAKE UP YOUR MINDS! I throw a gift of 73,000 credits to try and stop this flip-flopping, I want the trade with our neighbours.

1st fleet nears its target, and we enter Happyness time once more – I have not reported this normal cycle much, but I shall endeavour to do so from now on.

We also improve our nuclear reactors, gaining more power from them. This may allow us to reduce the number we need on larger craft.

1st fleet are soon playing with the Pirates around a nice blue gas giant. Pritty.

The escort does not last long, and soon the station is being hit hard.

Another pirate ship jumps in late, and takes the full brunt of our fleets firepower.

Two more ships jump in after this, and the Trampstamp is the only one of our ships to be hit, taking some shield damage.

I feel that I should point out that the pirate ships can muster 40 firepower between them. At the other end of the galaxy, the Conception has been funded by civilians to bring the Desolation Moon online. This will take time, but will make us a power to be reasoned with!

The Tyrant's try and bring us into a war. I decline, as I cannot make a decision like that on my own.

We should see a major breakthrough in commerce soon. Turkey Bro assures us he has a foolproof scheme based off the ancient pyramids we have discovered. I shall trust him for now.

The Civilians are constantly demanding these bunkers be built on all our worlds. We could afford it at only 10K a pop, but I must wait for councils word on this.

Enemy agents are working against us. Hundreds have been killed as a bomb blows one of our peaceful research stations up!

Thankfully, this is not the station with the commerce research, which is completed, and we begin work on an open trade network.

A colony ship arrives a Dila Junction, and finds two groups of pirates at war over the planet!

This is the end of the Session, and I feel that it has been a fantastic one. Our population has increased by 1.2 Billion in just two years, and over four billion of our people are from other races.

We are trading with many people, and are now making money once more!

Our worlds are growing more and more Populous, and are starting to provide funds to us, with exception of the welfare state planet of Fuscsia – 422 million people, and only one of them seems to pay taxes!

It is now up to council whether or not we wish to expand once more. We want for nothing, but there is plenty of worlds still ripe for the taking.

We see Barbarella climb back up the list of top planets.

We know of all the major races now, and the galaxy is a busy buys place.

There are but a few unexplored planets on the rim of the galaxy now, most of what there is to discover has been discovered.

So, Council.

The Thirteenth Session is begun!