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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 17: Session 12 - 2776-2778

Don't Fix What Ain't Broke Act

Build Bunkers on all colonies.
Expand military as funds allow.
"Queue-up research pertaining to Larger Ships (a.k.a.: in Weapons, straight through to Carriers; in Energy, Larger Construction)”
When Trader's Bazaar becomes available, build on Barbarella.

I order bunkers to be built. 200,000 credits goes into planetary defence.

The colony ship sneaks past the warring pirates and brings Dila Junction 1 into the fold. The silent chambers bring a +29% development bonus to the world.

I dispatch 3rd fleet to the area, as it is well away from our protection, and has many pirates in the area.
Poor old Skanky Burns is not built to run ground operations it seems.

I order the construction of three Capital ships, which we now have the technology to construct. One will be assigned as flag for each fleet.

We find and activate a old starbase, giving us another base in the northern sector of the galaxy.

The Goons seem to be making a strike on the Guild homeworld. As the Guild initiated this war, we have not been dragged into it, but this attack could be crippling to them.

We gain another agent, untested as such.

The Republic meanwhile, continue their stupid games.

The Goon fleet arrives over Shandar 1, but is unable to break through the sheilds of the starbase over it, the starbase's weapons, and fighters however have no such trouble with the Goon ships.

That's an area effect weapon in effect there. The Goons cut trade once more.

We intercept some pirates slugging spice.

Soon after, both the Republic and the Goons lift their trade sanctions. I just wish that they would make up their minds!
The Goons then end their war.

Over Calipsa Junction 1, the colony ship I dispatched to bring the 250 million Shandar into the Paradise comes under attack. Fortunately, there is a deactivated crusier in orbit, the Shandars bring it online and we use it to protect the incoming colony ship.

The Pirates have their own cruiser, the Grand Mutiny, but the Red Nemesis is much stronger, and shreds the pirates shields.

The Grand Mutiny escapes, but is damaged before she does. The Stupid Erflings take on the bugs.

The Shandar welcome us with open arms.

The Wanderlust had sent away teams down to another ruin, but were soon appalled at the screams as something dissembled our women and boiled from the chamber.

The Wanderlust is able to jump away before it is attacked, but I fear we have unleashed something terrible into the galaxy. I immediately order more ships built.

The Guild want a mining base inside their territory, I give it to them for lots of cash and to maintain good relations.

3rd Fleet takes out the Fugitive Hideaway.

This causes their ships to join us! Agent Veloxyll claims some success for this.

This may only be one base, but its something, and it brings peace to this part of the galaxy. Well, it will, once the last of the three pirate bases is destroyed.

The construction of the trade bazaar begins.

As the session comes to an end, we take out the third Pirate base, and many of the fortified bunkers are being finished now.

Our population has grown by another 1.8 billion, 500 million of this from the two large Shandar worlds we inducted into the Paradise. Over five billion none Securans now call the Paradise home.

The Economy continues to expand, and our cashflow ever increases, this is not counting the 100,000 we get a year in bonus income.

All but the two new worlds are happy, and this is only because the freighters laden with luxury goods have yet to reach them.

Although it should be said that our rapidly expanding population is now outstripping our supplies of some of these goods. The demand for Opal will soon deplete our stocks completely.

Wise laws and good management have put us second in the galaxy once more.

To become the most powerful, we need to expand our share of the population and colonies in the galaxy.

I shall leave how we do this to the council, but we still have 74 years to reach this target.