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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 18: Session 13 - 2778-2780

Fix It

Focus all military efforts on destroying the silver mist.
Destroy more pirates after the silver mist is defeated
Improve relations with the Goons and Republic
Colonize more worlds
Form MDP and FTA wherever possible

Seven more colony ships are ordered and assigned targets. Our ambassador is sent into goon space, to improve our relationships with them.

Our advisors suggest a large expansion of the fleet, and I agree.

I drop half a billion credits in gifts, but no one will sign any treaties. I also search for the Silvermist where it was last seen. The Tyrant Lizards are warming to us however.

We do not find the nanomachines, but we do find an reactivate a new capital ship, the Discarded Exploit, which is an oddly apt name.

We finally get a yes from the Tyrants.

The Guild start trading an other rare resource with us.

The planet of love is brought into the Paradise. Apparently love has a lot of Dinosaurs on it.

This must improve the people of the Tyrant Lizards, as one of their moons defects and joins the Paradise!

This brings the whole Sencar system with it.

This must be because the Lizards are at war with most of their neighbours, and their war weariness must be running high. The peaceful Paradise must seem like, well, Paradise to these people.

As they are already at war with the republic I decide to keep my next discovery to myself, no need to make more enemies.

The Trade Bazaar is built, and in a dull session, this is interesting.

This leads to a slight increase in our economy.

Another world is colonized, but I cannot find the silver mist, maybe someone else has destroyed it.

The guild starts up another war.

This finishes the session.

Our population is booming, and has increased by three billion over the last two years.

The economy on the other hands has gone nuts! Bonus income last year was also 250,000 credits.

We are growing, and people love it, barring the new colonies, who have yet to receive their goods. Barberella makes nearly a billion credits a year.

Unsurprisingly, this puts her back at the number one spot! This of course means we are now firmly in the number one spot.

Now, it is time for council to once more guide us to glory!