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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 19: Session 14 - 2780-2782

If it's worth doing... Act

Prepare for war with the Republic by locating their forces and redeploying fleets to be in a position to attack them and the planets labelled "Romance" if enough ships are available Build additional troop transports if necessary to allow us to invade planets with medium-sized garrisons

Once ready, declare war and attack main Republic fleet, then attempt to conquer (primary) planets in the Romance systems and (secondary) those in the Longing systems, with discretion given to targets based on the value and defensive strength of each world

End the war when objectives are achieved, or war-weariness gets too high, or an emergency comparable to a declaration of war from another power happens

I order a load more ships to boost the fleet.

As fleet a bolstered and we move them through the stars, the Pirates seem to have an over inflated opinion of themselves.

Clean Sanchez, is colonized, and shares a system with Snoo Snoo.

The Bugs finish a research facility that is the envy of the galaxy.

Eris Progenitas is the newest world the be colonized.

Turkey Bro continues to do good things for our research. Although the fact that we are having to research desert colonization confuses me.

The Adulteri declare war upon our soon to be enemies, this should draw off their fleets, we still need a few more months to get our forces into position.

I notice that one of our targets has a space port above it. This has some sizeable fire-power.

I decide to send Veloxyll in, but the war may over take the time it takes for him to complete her mission.

Time slips away, and it takes forever for our fleets to move into position. We do promote a new General to support our attacks.

We also learn about more pirate attacks being paid for by the Bugs, but I decide it is better to remain silent than risk conflict with the only empire more powerful than us.

Second fleet is finally on station, but needs to refuel, I shall declare war at the end of the session, but this has taken longer to prepare than I would have liked.

We also colonize Beacon in the Zhar system, a world close to the republic.

Just as I begin moving ships towards their targets, the Guild end their war with the Republic. This should not worry me to much.

I order the construction of the 4th fleet. I am now running desperately short on ship names!

With near perfect timing, Veloxyll blows the starport over Snark to radioactive mist.

This is the signal to declare war.

The don't seem to take it very well. The war itself is for the next session however, moving through space takes far to much time.

Time for the end of session update. Another 1.5 billion souls are living in the Paradise now.

Our cashflow and cash on hand have swollen beyond measure.

All our worlds are booming, and people are happy.

Things are looking good as regards our placement in the galaxy.

The Bug's research facility puts their homeworld above ours on the list.

Over to you guys.