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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 22: Session 17 - 2786-2788

Oh no they didn't!

Crash research our way down the Medical research line. That is to say, as each tier completes we crash the next one.
Take a stab at the Medicomplex anyway once we reach its tier, try to build it somewhere where it would get done fast.
Once Tier 4 (Genetic Replication) is complete, build a few Cloning Facilities to bolster our troop numbers.
Once Tier 5 is complete, build the Academy somewhere within our core worlds, on a planet/moon that would allow for rapid construction.
"Spend a year wining and dining the Darkscale Dominion. Try to assign a diplomat, spend some money on cash gifts, see if they want a treaty. Spend an (almost) equal amount of effort on the Tyrant Lizards. Try to get treaties once relations build. "
Secure the planets won in the war. Build bunkers/stations on all three, station a fleet in close proximity.
"Toss some (small) gifts at the two insectoid races. This is just a short-term thing to give us time in consolidating our gains. Toss some (not so small) gifts at the Erflings and Gentlemen. We need more friends and more treaties! "
Reveal our current research levels across the board.
Regarding neighbors of the Bugs, use all possible means to improve their relations with us and sabotage their relations with the Bugs, but avoid any direct confrontation.

Lets pay our researchers some more!

Internet Kracken is sent to the Darkscale Dominion, along with a gift for 220,000 credits. Along with a 200k gift to the Tyrant lizards. 40K each is sent to the Bugs and the Deep Ones. We still have 1.2 million in the bank. Finally, 130,000 is spent on bunkers for all the new worlds.

The Dominion soon agrees that free trade is good, and we can expect more goods flowing into our worlds.

Along with the mining rights, we also hear that the Tyrants have ended their war.

We gain another Admiral, as Oscarthewild is promoted to take over 4th fleet.

Months pass quietly, then the Bugs escalate things.

Soon after, we colonise Seragilo in the northern Sencar system.

This is quickly followed by the medicare breakthrough. I order an Advanced Medicomplex to be built on Snar, the most populous world, and newly conquered.

We then pay through the nose to crash the Genetic Replication technology.

For those wondering, Conception is still working on activating the Desolation Moon. It is about three quarters done by the look of things.

We train up another Intelligence Agent.

I notice that Dila Junction 1 has become a major hub for military ships, our 2nd fleet is joined by a Goon fleet and a Guild fleet.

We trade with the guild for better weapons. Anything to give me something to talk about.

The dullest session ever ends, and we take a look at the changes.

The population of the Paradise has jumped by a massive ten billion in the last two years. We now have some bugs living in the Paradise. 202 Million on Pen Island.

The private sector has grown by 200 ships in the last two years, and will most likely continue to explode.

Look at our worlds, ye mighty, and wonder.

I wonder at the military strength of the Bugs.

Fear the yellow.

Now for the research as best as I can show it.

Over to you!