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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 23: Session 18 - 2788-2790

Republic Containment Act

Rebuild the navy to at least numbers equivalent to where it was before the latest war with the Republic. Upgrade and retrofit the navy where useful. The next phases of this act cannot be triggered until this step is completed.

Declare a trade embargo against the Republic. Array navies and troops along Republic borders in preparation of a future conflict.

Repeatedly attempt to sabotage important Republic military installations.

In the event that the Republic declares war on us, use the instructions previously mandated in the If It's Worth Doing... act, with the new primary objective being the remaining planet in the cluster codenamed "Romance" and the secondary objective being the paired cluster codenamed "Longing".

As we are already at a larger level of military power than before the first war, but I decide to order up a seventh fleet and move the others into position before restricting trade with the Republic.

Erotica is founded by our Ikkuro population.

This is in the Du Duukha system, on the rapidly militarising Republic border.

Sad Queen Billy and Veloxyl are sent to the enemy homeworld to destroy their main star base and one of the defensive batteries there.

The Bugs beat us to the Medicomplex. This is a shame, but there was nothing we can do about it.

We get area weapons.

The Bugs then begin work on the holographic network. They do seem to be running for the big projects.

We also promote a new General.

As we move our ships into position, we see a breakthrough in hyperdrive technology.

I then call up the Republic Ambassador, telling him we want to sign a treaty, he is almost pitifully happy.

We then hit him with the trade sanctions.

We shall have to live without herbal soup. The Tyrant Lizards are meanwhile reporting they have encountered some badass pirates.

This is something to consider, but maybe the Tyrant's will do the job for us.

The Horizintal Tango engages a pirate base on its own.

Well, with a League escort and a Tyrant frigate, but we don't care about them. The pirate ship is destroyed, and the base is the next target.

Shogeton goes green, or greener, I'm never quite sure where that phrase comes from.

The Republic is getting annoyed with our agents.

The Dominion however, are willing to join the Anti-Bug Collation (ABC)

The Galaxy is a busy, busy place.

We also promote Strong Mouse and put him into place in one of our fleets.

We also learn that Capskye is improving as well.

The Starbase survives, but one of the defensive bases is destroyed by our agents.

Their next targets are the starbase and battery over Dathumir Prime.

Another General joins the ranks, but I am out of council backed candidates.

In the same System as Snar, we colonise Delightful Scandal with our Shandar population.

The Goons offer us a good deal for one of our outer stations. I take it.

The Bug's finish the Holographic network.

Things end poorly for Agent Veloxyll in her latest mission.

The tech from the goons is refitted into the fleets, 3rd fleet using Hedonism’s starbase to do so.

This brings the session to an end. Our population grows by 14 billion over the two years, an almost terrifying rate!

Expanding the fleet has cut into our cashflow, but we're still in the black. The Private economy is making over 1.1 billion credits a year, and has 5.2 billion credits in the bank!

Our worlds are looking stronger than ever, Fuchsia and Hedonism still refuse to pay taxes. I also notice that I am currently not taxing the conquered worlds! They have billions of people on them as well.

The Bugs are frightening in every category.

Once more, I rely on you lot to guide us!