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by Grey Hunter

Part 24: Session 19 - 2790-2792

Running a bit late due to real life, but the Think Tanks Tickle My Fancy Too Act has been passed!

EDITED to prevent a triple post.

Think Tanks Tickle My Fancy Too

Build Additional Research Stations
Hunt Pirates after the next War ends
Encourage non-paying planets to pay taxes
Continue Crash Research
Continue with the terms of the Republic Containment Act

I order the construction of six more research stations, put our worlds back on automatic taxation and blow raspberry’s at the Republic.

Sexy raspberries.

The taxation takes us from 75k a year to 362k a year in income. This is a little bit more money. We also make our next hyperdrive breakthrough.

We also improve our area weapon technology.

I begin work on advanced beam lasers. Ready for the inevitable bug war.

The Guild pick a fight with the Guardians. I doubt there is much wisdom in this.

Love is attacked by a massive force of Pirates! This must be the legendary band we heard about!

We also hear that Sad Queen Billy has blown up a defensive battery and we have exhausted the Aculon on Dila Junction.

The Love Spaceport lasts for a month before going down, and damages one of the Phantom Fleet's ships.

The Republic begin to blockade one of our worlds, my namesake!

I retaliate by sending our fleets to blockade some of their worlds. The Civllians want more roaming ships, and I agree to give them to them. We have the money, and they can provide local security. We can always draw them into the war if needed.

See how friendly we are!

I agree to some trading, its only a years income. Before bonus.

A Pirate faction turns over a new leaf, rather than getting killed by the Phantom Scourge.

The Republic end their blockade, we do not end ours.

The ABC gains another powerful member. I think that the Republic may be avoiding declaring war on us for this reason, they cannot fight half of the galaxy!

Soon after this, the Phantom Scourge is still over Love when 4th Fleet arrives.

We engage them, and our numbers swell as the rest of the fleet arrives.

The battle turns into a mess, and the Republic declares war upon the Adulteri. So far we have lost no ships, and destroyed several pirate vessels.

We win with no losses except the replacement and unfinished starbase.

The session hurtles to a close with nothing interesting happening, and still the Republic, often insulted, refuse to declare war upon us!
We grew by another ten billion people over the last two years, the baby nuke continues.

We see the economy expand as well.

The Colonies send us massive amounts of money.

We see the Bugs pass the line for victory points, we now have sixty years to beat them down.

The Bugs have three worlds on the top ten now.

The Map shows the extent of the problem.

Much things need to be done.