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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 25: Session 20 - 2792-2794

Squaring Our Shoulders For The Fun Ahead Act

"Keep crashing towards the Koloros Medical Academy; Once done switch to crashing to the Trader's Guild. Build on secure planets when ready. "
"Expand Construction Fleet by 10 ships, Exploration Fleet by 5 ships. See if you can find the base from which our group of the Legendary Pirates are coming from. Task a fleet or two with its destruction."
Expand Colonization efforts, both within our Dominion and outside it.
"Give us an update on the status of: The Desolation Moon, undeployed Ambassadors, which Dominions most hate the Bugs. If we have undeployed Ambassadors, send them to work at the Dominions most likely to attack the Bugs if we make them good monetary offer (whoever already hates the Bugs most).
"Continue being passive-aggressive towards the Republic. If they declare war, take the opportunity to grab some more colonies. End such (a) war(s) if/when we've gained at least one colony out of it. Refer to previous bills/acts for target prioritization."

Get Into Bed With Us
Continue working on obtaining MDPs with all races currently neutral or friendly to us.

I order up the new ships ordered by law.

I also know where the base is for the Phantom Scourge. The problem is getting ships with fuel into this area.

Captskye steals some Republican research.

I then send her on what I plan to be a series of missions to bring revolution to the colonies of the Republic.

Some of our Naxxilian subjects complete the long trek from their half of the Galaxy to colonise a world near Barbarella.

Capskye is nearly captured! Our intelligence agents are faring poorly in the paranoid Republic. She escapes however, and I order her back in. three months this time.

Phobos becomes the next world to be settled. This continues to hem in the Republic.

The Naxxililan's settle another world, they are expanding into the ice worlds we could not settle before now.

We also see a breakthrough in weapons lead by Serpentis.

Soon after Capskye successfully ferments a revolt.

The Naxxilian expansion continues.

We are not the only ones with active agents. The Bugs strike at our research.

We continue to expand our weapons capabilities.

We finally get the research on Genetic tech to the point we can afford to crash it.

We colonize yet another world. We can just colonize our way to victory – maybe we should look at the low quality worlds.

The Goons start their own war upon the Republic, who refuse to attack us. Even with these constant insults.

Our 4th fleet arrives at the Phantom Scourge's home bases – a starbase, three defensive bases around a gas giant with two moons.

They deploy fighters, and 4th fleet begins to take damage.

We lose three ships before taking out the defensive base, but we are forced to pull out to preserve the rest of the fleet.

RUN AWAY!!!!!!

We also learn the Bugs are beginning construction of a large scale weapons facility.

This ends the Session. And another ten billion people have joined the Paradise.

The Economy continues to go strong.

The worlds all look good, and Fuchsia is now leaching more money from us!

The Bugs continue to lead.

Here is the requested victory requirements.

And the top worlds sees Colancia raising up.

The Desolation moon is nearing completion, but has a Goon ship over it!

Dum dum dum!