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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 26: Session 21 - 2794-2796

Abolish the Refractory Period Act

1)All Fleets are to be staged for invasion of the Republic. Patrol ships are exempt.

2)Each Fleet will be assigned a target Republic system on Grey's preference. We've seen their inability to defend against us in space, there's no reason to concentrate forces unnecessarily. Grey will enumerate the fleets and their targets.

2a)Grey will assign fleets secondary targets to be used in the event that they complete their primary missions ahead of schedule or are otherwise forced to abandon their missions.

3)Grey will provide estimates for necessary invasion forces for inhabited planetary bodies of target systems and build each fleet's troop strength to equal their target system's estimate.
3a)After the Fleet troop buildup described in item 3, Grey will commence training and construction of reinforcement regiments and troop carriers of at least 25% the total of all troop estimates described in item 3.

4)When all fleets are in strike position, the Securan Paradise will declare war on the Republic."

5)Fleets will assault their target systems ASAP. Once space superiority has been established, Fleet ground forces will assault one planetary body per system with all available troops. Fleets will coordinate with reinforcement transports as necessary to complete their primary assault objectives.

6)Fleets will continue their assaults until their primary target systems are occupied or until they can no longer feasibly complete their primary mission.6a)Fleets that have completed their primary mission will coordinate with reinforcement troop carriers to assault their secondary targets at Grey's discretion. Fleets that cannot feasibly complete their primary mission will coordinate with reinforcement troop carriers to assault their secondary targets at Grey's discretion.

7)The intent of this legislation should be understood to be the complete eradication of the Republic in a single campaign. Primary and secondary targets should be chosen with this intent in mind.

8)The stipulations of this Act should not be construed as exclusive of means and methods not enumerated in the service of achieving their intent.
8a)The stipulations of this Act should also not be construed as exclusive of the Paradise's other goals and ongoing needs, so long as they do not explicitly conflict with this Act's stipulations and intent.

9)Should another Empire declare war on us before item 4 is complete, Grey will call an emergency legislative session.

Desolation Moon Rising

Construction will continue on the Desolation Moon.
The Desolation Moon shall be protected by fleet elements of appropriate strength.
If control of the Desolation Moon is lost control is to be regained by any means possible.

TL/DR. Version – We think Grey Sucks at war!

The Desolation moon is ours, but first our ships need to have a weapons malfunction nearby.

The Goons get the hint, and their construction ship flees, we then see off the Dominion ship that quickly tries to take its place!

More troop ships are ordered.

The Bugs steal more of our research.

Capskye continues his work – being noisy as ordered. We also have many more troop ships in our fleets already, so the worrys about me sending in far to few troops is not a problem - 2nd fleet has the fewest troops with 30 divisions.

We continue to improve our defences and technology.

The Republic threaten, but still do not declare war.

The war between the Republic and the Adulteri comes to the end, the Adulteri have been reduced to their homeworld.

I have to see off the two lurking construction ships, this time I leave them both dead in space. One of our construction ships comes in to finish the moon.

Great Kark! The horrifying GSS has broken out on Phobos!

People start disintegrating in the street, and tides of blood and other bodily fluids (not the good sort) flow through the streets in a matter of days.

Days after this, we hear that GSS is also one of the Republic's major worlds!

Over the next two weeks, four hundred million die, and we then hear that the dreaded disease has hit another of our worlds!

Then things begin to go crazy. There is no way to quarantine worlds, and soon Margmash Primaris is infected. We also hear that worlds in the Goontopia are seeing cases.

Months pass as our ships move to their positions, and no more cases of GSS are reported. The Bugs do finish their latest grand project.

I also notice the goons are striking at the Republic's homeworld.

I also see they have taken their birthworld.

I decide that the time has come to begin the war!

Our first ships arrive at their targets.

Is this enough force?

Mwah ha ha!
Ipse Nader Major 1 is the main target, and I assign both 3rd and 6th fleet – so as to overwhelm the defensive platforms.

The first two worlds are soon ours.

We see our Admirals improve.

The Republic throws most of its forces at Ipse to try and hold us back.

Another world falls to our fun bringing troops.

As the session comes to an end, we finally take the 4.4 billion souls at Ipse. Well, 3.9 billion now, as even our love can cause collateral damage.

Four more worlds and 14 million more people is this terms results.

Our reputation has taken a hit, but things are still looking healthy.

Some of our worlds are unhappy that we are at war with the sole independent faction of their race, but nothing beyond some disgruntlement at this time.
Our war has shattered the power of the Republic.

We see three bug worlds in the top ten, their power continues to grow.

The Republic are down to three worlds, the Placens Adulteri one, the Tyrant Lizards are also shrinking as the Deep once expand into their territory. The Bugs are ever expanding.

I have fleet on their way to the last two Republic worlds. But now it is your choice. I have done my part. I would like to point out that almost all of these troops were ready BEFORE your act was passed.