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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 28: Session 23 - 2798-2800

Hard Times, Hard Girls

Take the last Republic colony, end war when we have it or if another dominion beats us to it.

Keep working towards the Trader's Bazaar. Once economy recovers crash towards it. Finish whatever is our current project in Weapons Tech, switch to advanced colony-bombing weapons research.

Dismiss all Foreign Spies, offer them new jobs if possible. Make sure at least one Int Agent is on Counter-Espionage duty at all times.

Keep a fleet stationed on the Desolation Moon, coupled with diplomatic overtures to the Goons for damage control. Consider assigning Ambasador to Goon home-world

"Sell Weapons and Energy tech to other friendly dominions, especially the
ones with border on the Bug dominion and the ones being attacked by the
Deep Ones. Use money to crash current researh project and/or buy tech we don't have."

Build up fleets in our southern-most sectors for war against Bugs.

Queue a few more colony ships for targets within our dominion.

We are joined by a new colony Governour, Chaos SamusX, who is dispatched to the former Republic home-world to keep them in line.

I then begin trading tech, I make sure to get a few things for ourselves.

I then start the Crash research of the trading techs, with five million in the bank, I can afford to do so.

We make another attempt at Kygnos 10.

As we land troops, we improve our blasters once more.

I immediately spend a million on crashing the next level of weapon tech, Advanced Beams, while the guild arrive to assist in the destruction of the Republic.

We also begin to fight corruption on Puros.

We also gain a new intelligence agent.

Far to the north, 6th Fleet protects two of our worlds from the Phantom Scourge.

We also hear that the last Republic fleet is heading towards Hedonism, I am not worried, there is a starbase, a few of our patrol ships and a Goon strike force in system.

The regional Capital is completed, and once more, we are making 250k credits a year. Its amazing what corruption can do! Meanwhile, the Republic fleet quick arrives at our world.

Its a telling state when a enemy fleet can be wiped out by patrol ships.

The last Republic world falls into our hands, the war is over!

We also colonize another world.

After the war, a lot of Republic ships are decommissioned, giving us boosts in technology.

We also get the Goons map from a resort.

Months pass quietly, then the Goons make their move on the Adulteri, with their lone world.

We take another crack at the Phantom Scourge base, using 6th Fleet.

This seems to be the session for the death of empires, the Adulteri do not last long.

That Place with the Thing is colonized.

As the session ends, the Phantom Scourge's main base is blow up, and we recover much technological data!

We have grown another 20 million over the last two years.

Our reputation is respectable, and the economy looks healthy.

We continue to see most of our worlds happy, barring the once capital of the Republic.

The death of two empires means I can fit everyone on the screen once more, it also means that we are firmly second, and the Haakonish are once more united.

We have two worlds in the top ten now.

We are once more at peace, so what do you think we should do now?